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  • Vision 2025: Planning for Current + Future Needs

    Vision 2025 is our process to plan for current and future needs, specifically in the areas of:

    • Facilities
    • Safety + Security
    • School Funding
    • Property


    Vision 2025 is an ongoing process of gathering and sharing information, as well as soliciting feeback to inform decision-making about long-range planning for operations and facilities.

    • February-May 2021: Stakeholder meetings
    • April-October 2020: Facility assessment conducted
    • February 2020: Survey of staff and administrators
    • October 2019: Demographic study conducted

    Vision 2025 Stakeholders

    In February 2021, a team of parents, staff, and community members assembled to form the Vision 2025 Stakeholder Group. This group met monthly through May 2021. All meeting materials are available under Resources.

  • Resources

  • This page will be updated as new information is shared. Please check back often!