Revised Calendar of Events

This is a revised calendar of events. Many questions have come up about events, visitors and volunteers.

Volunteers for any school event: No siblings, cousins, family members under the age of 18 are to accompany the volunteer during the school day.

LHS Senior Final Elementary Walk - we cannot accommodate visitors and parents of the seniors. This was an add on to instill motivation to our elementary students to graduate from High School. Please know we are proud of our seniors and want parents to attend the Senior High School events for their child.

Grade 5 Picnic - Same volunteer protocols as this is a school day.

Grade 5 Last Walk - Parents may stay to observe but must be respectful to our other 400 students trying to dismiss after the Grade 5 students leave the building.

Talent Show - we invite our students to view the show which takes up a lot of space in the gym. We have room only to accommodate parents and family members of the performers.

Field Day - Volunteers will be permitted only if it was prearranged by the classroom teacher or a Pink Volunteer form was returned to Mrs. Hammel. We cannot have spectators or visitors on this day due to the amount of activities. We cannot accommodate Lunch Visitors with students on the this last day.

We are very happy to offer these opportunities to our students and families. We have to maintain a safe environment while still making it a fun and memorable experience.