Cafeteria Info


Today is the day we will receive our guests and visitors into school, provided that you have a criminal background check completed and on file. This year, there is about a 2 week turn around time on these checks through the change of company. Remember, safety is not always convenient, but it is worth our student and staff safety to make sure we all comply with this policy. Some things to know about lunch time:
1. Please do not bring in outside food or treats to share with other students.
2. Plan to sit with your child at a designated table.
3. Plan to pay for an adult lunch which comes with 2 visits to the fresh fruit and salad bar.
4. Enjoy your special time with your child.

News about Lunch Balances:
1. We have a no charge policy. Parents are expected to send in money or pay online regularly to maintain a positive balance in their child's account.
2. The USDA makes the rules and provisions for what we can offer that meets the nutrition value guidelines. If there are any dairy allergies, we can make provisions. We also have a Fresh Fruit and Salad Bar that a student can add for free to their cheese sandwich and milk entrée.
3. Lunch Balance Letters go out in student book bags/folders every Monday and Thursday for parent review. For habitual negative balances, a personal letter goes home with it that states the balance and where to find assistance.
4. If a balance on the account is negative, breakfast as well cannot be provided.
5. Parents who habitually are late in payments or have a negative balance in their child's account are called personally by our cafeteria manager.
6. Parents can set their Skyward Account to alert them of low balances.
7. If a parent gets in a bind, call our cafeteria manager and she will assist in anyway she can.
8. We are not into shaming or disrespecting a child for a parent's negligence in paying their child's lunch. A parent has many warnings, options, and notifications to avoid their child not getting a full choice lunch. Send them with a home lunch until the negative balance can be paid.