April 2023

Posted by Kristen Scott on 4/18/2023 7:30:00 PM



Lebanon High School—Alex Emenhiser

Nominated by LHS Staff


Alex is an exceptional young man. He is an ideal representative of LHS and the PRIDE program. Alex is an actively involved student-athlete who always gives his best effort while being very supportive of his peers. Academically, Alex is ranked second in a very competitive academic class while undertaking an incredibly rigorous schedule. In addition to being a high-achieving student, he is a two-time captain and first-team all-conference standout on our cross-country team, a two-time all-conference member of the golf team, a DECA International Competition qualifier, an Eagle Scout, a very involved member of many school clubs. As evidence of Alex's comprehensive success as an LHS Student, Alex was recently informed that he is one of 12 seniors in the state of Indiana to be awarded the prestigious IHSAA Eugene Cato Scholarship. 


Lebanon High School—Ella Johnson

Nominated by LHS Staff


Ella embodies the ideals of PRIDE in all that she does at LHS. Academically, Ella is intelligent, motivated, persistent, and high-achieving, as evidenced by her 4.6 GPA, 1590 SAT score, all 5's on her AP exams, and recognition of being an Indiana Academic All-Star and National Merit Finalist. Ella is also very active in the band and serving as the Drum Major this year, maintains several leadership roles through school clubs and organizations, and most importantly is kind, considerate, and respectful at all times. Her dedication and hard work has resulted in her recent acceptance into Washington University in St. Louis. 


Lebanon Middle School—Jayden Salter

Nominated by Team SWAG 


Jayden is an incredible young man who demonstrates PRIDE in many ways at LMS. He is an integral part of PBIS. He can be counted on to do numerous jobs that require initiative and personal responsibility. Jayden is also a rock star in the classroom. He consistently does his best, asks thoughtful questions, comes prepared, and gives his best 100 percent of the time. Jayden is a personable young man always with a smile and a quick "how are you" in the hallways. Jayden is a person of integrity and one to be admired by his fellow classmates.  


Lebanon Middle School—Lillian Fulkerson

Nominated by Team Bulldog


Lillian consistently demonstrates PRIDE on a daily basis. She is self-motivated and driven to succeed. Lillian is involved in multiple sports and other extracurricular organizations. As she strives to excel, she is kind and helpful as she supports and advocates for others. Lillian is respectful, honest, and the type of student that teachers love to have in their classrooms. 

Central—Sofia Gilmanov

Nominated by Kim Lahrman


There is no better example of Tiger PRIDE than Sofia. She has the best attitude toward life and learning. Taking initiative is an innate behavior. It is not uncommon to find her researching beyond lessons taught in class or things going on in the world around us. For example, when we read an article about particles of matter in class, she followed up by looking for articles that she could read about this topic during independent work time. When her family drove through the recent tornado destruction on her way home from spring break, she began reading about what exactly caused the destruction and what the community was doing to help those in need. Not only does she learn about these events, she wants to help. When joining the Student Lighthouse Team in August, she came up with a strong desire to use this opportunity to help Ukraine. With persistence, she has rounded up the help of teachers and students to form her own action team. They synergized to create a school advertisement and a fundraiser to help people in need across the globe. Sofia knows that balance is best and her life goals always encompass taking care of her body, mind, soul and heart. She is humble. She is kind. She is creative. She is most deserving of this award! 


Harney—Jackson Hepfer

Nominated by Debbie Boggess


Although Jackson has a quiet demeanor, he shows leadership skills daily by being a Harney Ambassador and preschool helper. He works through challenges both personally and academically by being a problem solver, self-motivated, and having an open-mind. He is considerate, respectful, and courteous when interacting with both peers and adults. Jackson is one of the first people to offer help when someone else is in need. Jackson deserves this award because he is an exemplary young man in so many ways. Keep up the good work, Jackson. We are proud of you!


Hattie B. Stokes—Kaydessa Timberlake

Nominated by Jill Hardee


Thomas Edison once said, "An opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed in overalls, and looks like work." Kaydessa is not one to miss opportunities. She doesn't shy away from hard work. When she was given the opportunity to show her ability in math by taking an additional test, she was excited about it. As a student ambassador, she is a leader in the school, but even outside of that role, in her everyday tasks, she is a leader. She is always happy to help a fellow student. Her work is thorough and accurate. She is not one for bare minimums; she always goes above and beyond. Her positive attitude, willingness to help, and her work ethic make her a PRIDE champion.


Perry-Worth—Evan Conerty

Nominated by Emily Vanatsky


Evan is a great example of a model student. He is dependable and is always completing his work on time and at his highest ability level. No matter what the activity is, Evan will also be putting forth his best effort and will turn in quality work. Teachers can trust that Evan will set a good example for others to follow, even when no one is watching. He is respectful to all staff and students that he interacts with and makes everyone feel welcome and included. Evan is a dependable student and who will help lead others to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Evan is not afraid of failing and will keep trying until he gets something right. His teacher shared, “I have loved getting to watch and even grow up as a student and a leader this school year.”