March 2023

Posted by Kristen Scott on 3/21/2023 7:30:00 PM


Lebanon High School—Aaliyah Carlisle

Nominated by LHS Staff


Aaliyah is an ideal representative of the Tiger PRIDE Champion award as she models great character, is friendly and personable to all, and she whole-heartedly gives her best effort in all that she does. She is a straight “A” student who maintains a weighted GPA of over 4.5 while taking five AP classes as a senior along with other honors and dual credit courses. Aaliyah also excels outside the classroom as President of Sunshine, Vice-President of FFA, a Key Club Class Representative, Captain of the English Academic Team, and as a varsity tennis player. She also finds time to work as a Lifeguard at the Witham YMCA. Aaliyah exemplifies the attributes of outstanding character, integrity, and citizenship. Her dedication and hard work have resulted in her acceptance into the Purdue University College of Engineering. Congratulations Aaliyah on being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.



Lebanon High School—Ronaldo Bernal-Santos

Nominated by LHS Staff


Ronaldo is an exceptional young man who represents Lebanon High School in a very positive manner at all times. He is an actively involved student leader who exhibits all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does. Academically, Ronaldo is a very high-achieving student, as evidenced by his Top 20 class rank and his recent acceptance as a Direct Admit to Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Besides being an excellent student, Ronaldo is a committed servant leader, as he demonstrates through his service as President of Key Club, a member of Class Council Candelabrum, and a member of the Leadership Team for LHS Student Ambassadors. He is respected for his work as a Communications Intern through his Work-Based Learning experience at the LCSC Administration Center, and is also greatly respected and appreciated by his peers and teachers. Congratulations Ronaldo Bernal-Santos for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.



Lebanon Middle School—Hadley Warren

Nominated by Team SWAG


Team SWAG is honored to recognize Hadley Warren as Tiger PRIDE Champion for March. Hadley consistently demonstrates PRIDE on a daily basis. Hadley exhibits leadership skills in many areas, including but not limited to FFA, sports, and PBIS. She is one of the first to volunteer with PBIS and always does her PBIS job right the first time. Hadley continually goes the extra mile to help students and staff. Hadley is kind to everyone and has an infectious smile, as well as a positive attitude. Hadley excels in the classroom as she always completes her assignments on time and regularly does well on tests and quizzes. Hadley's teachers appreciate all the hard work and dedication! Keep it up Hadley, we are proud of you!


Lebanon Middle School—Sophia Kyker

Nominated by Team Bulldog


It is with great enthusiasm that we recognize Sophie Kyker as a Tiger PRIDE Champion for LMS. Sophie is a driven leader who is always exhibiting PRIDE inside and outside of the classroom. Sophie is always focused on growing both educationally and personally. Sophie takes initiative to better herself and those around her. Sophie is often seen lending a helping hand to her peers and teachers. Excellence is not only in herself but those she works with. Sophie is a leader in the classroom, on the court, and in extracurricular organizations such as FFA and PBIS. Sophie is always one of the first to step up and volunteer for whatever task is at hand! Sophie is the definition of a Tiger PRIDE Champion!  Congratulations Sophie!  


Central—Chloe Carrell

Nominated by Diana Shirley


Chloe Carrell is a leader who consistently displays all the aspects of Tiger PRIDE. She is extremely organized, efficient, and dependable. Her teacher, Mrs. Shirley shared that “Chloe willingly and happily helped a new student get acclimated to our classroom over the last few weeks.” She sets a great example for her peers regardless of who is around her. Chloe strives to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Throughout the year, Chloe has shown a tremendous amount of growth, not only in her academics, but more importantly, in the confidence she has gained in herself. She is a fantastic listener and is always willing to serve others with her positive attitude. Central is proud to honor you as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!


Harney—Abby Ward

Nominated by Debbie Boggess


Abby embodies the ideals of PRIDE in all that she does. She comes to school every day with a smile on her face and acceptance in her heart. She is always organized, ready to learn, and willing to accept a challenge. Her attitude is positive, no matter what task she is given. Abby is the first to jump in and help both adults and students in the Harney House. Abby is a true delight, respectful, and honest. Congratulations Abby, you deserve this honor!


Hattie B. Stokes—Aspyn Lakia

Nominated by Jill Hardee


Aspyn’s teacher, Ms. Hardee shared “what an absolute joy it is to recognize a student who brings all of us so much joy!”  Aspyn is everything a PRIDE Champion should be, a leader in the student ambassador program, and a strong, hard-working student. But, it's her joy of life that really sets her apart. Aspyn has the rare ability to see the good in anything from an assignment to people. She brings joy to the classroom every day. She makes her classmates laugh, she cheers them on, and she rallies behind them when they are struggling. Aspyn sees every activity as an opportunity. Her positivity is contagious and she hasn't found a student who she can't win over. She is an asset to any classroom.  Congratulations Aspyn, we are proud of you!



Perry-Worth—Aspyn Rozwalka

Nominated by Katie Mezo


Aspyn works hard on her class work, is a respected part of the classroom community, and a dedicated helper to all. Mrs. Mezo said, “I can count on her to help others get caught up when they’ve been out of the room, read with students that need some assistance, and complete classroom jobs with excellence. Aspyn holds herself to a higher standard than expected even when no one is looking. She is a pleasure to have in class and I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to be her teacher this year!”  Perry-Worth is proud to recognize Aspyn as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!