February 2023

Posted by Kristen Scott on 2/21/2023 7:30:00 PM



Lebanon High School—Johara El-Shahat

Nominated by LHS Staff

Johara embodies the ideals of PRIDE in all that she does. She is intelligent, responsible, hardworking, friendly, welcoming, and very determined. She cares about her peers and the community as a whole, as evidenced by her internship placement and desire to pursue a bachelors and masters' in the field of Social Work. Johara is an actively involved student, who makes it a priority to lead and serve. She has started two clubs while at LHS, is a class council member and a leader for the LHS Student Ambassadors, Thirst Project, National Honor Society, and our award-winning show choir. There is no doubt that LHS is a better place because of Johara. It is our pleasure to celebrate Johara El-Shahat as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


Lebanon High School—Samuel Piper

Nominated by LHS Staff

Sam consistently represents all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does as an actively involved student-athlete. Sam is a very intelligent and hard-working young man, as evidenced by a 4.5 weighted GPA, his class rank of 6 out of 254 seniors, and the rigorous academic schedule that he is taking. However, Samuel is more than a high-achieving student in the classroom. He is caring and compassionate toward others, he is introspective and often listens to others before he speaks, and has a sincere servant leader disposition. He is a three-sport athlete at LHS as a member of the Cross County, Swimming, and Track teams, in addition to being a talented musician in the band, and he is very involved in several school clubs and organizations. The high school staff recognizes and appreciates Samuel for the way he treats others with genuine respect and concern. Congratulations to Samuel Piper for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE champion.


Lebanon Middle School—Ellie Cooper

Nominated by Team SWAG 

Ellie is an amazing young lady who demonstrates Tiger PRIDE on a daily basis. She shows initiative and dependability through her work through PBIS. She routinely asks what she can do to help with PBIS and does it right the first time. Ellie is also very respectful to her fellow students, teachers and staff of Lebanon Middle School. Ellie is very involved in sports and 4-H. Even though she is busy most nights of the week with some activity, Ellie completes her assignments on time and regularly does well on tests and quizzes. Ellie's teachers appreciate her quiet manner and infectious smile.  Keep up the hard work Ellie!


Lebanon Middle School—Steven Rezkalla

Nominated by Team Bulldog

Steven is the epitome of PRIDE – he works hard, advocates for himself and is consistent in achieving excellence in his work.  Steven is very considerate of everyone around him, showing respect and kindness to everyone. He is a conscientious worker that has lofty goals that the Bulldog team is confident he will rise to achieve. Steven is a student that everyone loves and cheers for to succeed. We are very proud to recognize Steven as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


Central—Jamie Creek

Nominated by Keanna Stamm

Jamie is an outstanding student who continues to strive for excellence. Jamie synergizes with any and everyone of his peers. His "Think-Win-Win" attitude proves he is a true team player, and is willing to influence and develop a deeper understanding of others. Jamie prioritizes his most important goals instead of constantly reacting to things that are outside of his Circle of Control. Congratulations, Jamie, you deserve it!   


Harney—Grayson Smallfelt

Nominated by Morgan Glendenning

Grayson is consistently showing PRIDE in and out of the classroom every single day. He works hard and you can always count on him to be doing the right thing, even when an adult isn't present. Grayson's work ethic is outstanding - even when things start to become a challenge. He is always a helping hand, kind, respectful, and organized. Grayson doesn't just take pride in his school work, but how he treats others and how others look up to him.  Way to go Grayson, keep it up!


Hattie B. Stokes—Jada Sweatt

Nominated by Heather Burress

Jada demonstrates PRIDE daily at Hattie B. Stokes.  In addition to focusing on her own learning, she spends time tutoring others in math and writing, plus she is a leader in the math challenge group. Jada shows initiative in her learning and does not give up when presented with a challenge. She comes to school ready to learn, and shows responsibility for herself as well as her learning club. Jada keeps her desk, binder, and assignments organized. She turns her assignments in on time and works hard to meet her weekly goals. She is a joy to be around and is the embodiment of a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


Perry-Worth—Hudson Howard

Nominated by Ryan Christopher

Hudson is a student that Mr. Christopher can depend on. He is always willing to help with anything that is needed, in or out of the classroom daily. He puts his best effort into everything that he does academically. Hudson is a friend to every student that he meets, always willing to support others or help them in any way! He goes the extra mile for people every chance that he gets! Hudson’s reason for wanting to join Student Services this year captures his heart best; “I want to show other students at Perry-Worth how to be good students by helping others, then they will know how to help others too!” Thank you Hudson for inspiring all of us with your kind-hearted attitude!