December 2022

Posted by Kristen Scott on 12/13/2022 7:30:00 PM


Lebanon High School—Josephine (JoJo) Morrison

The staff at LHS is proud to recognize Jo Jo Morison as an LCSC Tiger PRIDE Champion. JoJo is is an ideal representative of all the characteristics of PRIDE in all that she does. She is intelligent, responsible, kind, brave, and takes a great deal of initiative. She is a determined advocate for others, and she is quick to help those around her in need of encouragement and support. She is a high-achieving student, as evidenced by her top 20 class rank, and she is also a dedicated servant leader, as evidenced by the great work she does as the stage manager for many of our musical and theatrical productions. As an example, she recently did an exceptional job as the stage manager for the LHS musical Grease. JoJo is also highly respected by the members of the Lebanon Mayors office where she is interning and currently working on an eWaste project for the City of Lebanon. It is a pleasure to recommend JoJo as a Tiger PRIDE Champion. She is very deserving of this honor and recognition.

Lebanon High School—Gabe Shores

LHS is very proud to recognize Gabe Shores as a Tiger PRIDE Champion. Gabe is an exceptionally polite, respectful, compassionate, and intelligent young man. He is a 4.0 student who is taking an incredibly difficult academic schedule as a senior consisting of 5 AP courses, a dual credit English course through Indiana University, and an Advanced Band class while earning straight A's in all his classes. He is also highly respected by the teachers at LHS for always being considerate and caring for others. Gabe values and respects his peers and staff members in all he does. Whether in the classroom, as a member of the LHS Band, or through the other ways he represents LHS and the community, you can always count on Gabe for being a positive example and influence. Congratulations to Gabe Shores for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE champion.

Lebanon Middle School—Mya Nelson

Mya was unanimously chosen by the Bulldog team as our Tiger PRIDE Champion. She is always exhibiting PRIDE inside and outside of the classroom. Mya is the first to take initiative in offering to assist her peers and teachers whenever they need a hand. She exhibits a positive attitude while expecting the most out of herself and her peers. Excellence is not only in herself but those she works with. Mya has an amazing work ethic, asks questions, and continues to better herself in everything she is a part of at school. Mya thrives when she is challenged and strives to reach her full potential while being a leader not only in the classroom but on the volleyball and basketball court, member of FFA and PBIS. Mya is very motivated to excel and achieve success!

Lebanon Middle School—Kinley Young

Team SWAG is honored to announce Kinley Young as our PRIDE Champion.  Kinley is an amazing young lady who teachers can count on.  She demonstrates PRIDE is many ways, including but not limited to taking initiative while helping with PBIS.   She also shows dependability and efficiency as she is very involved in volleyball, all the while, maintaining good grades. Kinley is a student who is always taking initiative to lead others and herself. Kinley is currently an LMS FFA Officer, and is always one of the first to take the lead. She gives a warm smile to others and makes everyone feel included. Kinley is a motivated and positive young lady. She is eager to learn and is willing to try any activity. She asks questions when she needs to and always tries her best.  Congratulations Kinley, keep up the great work!

Central—Gabby West

Gabby is a model PRIDE student.  Consistently, you will find that Gabby works with persistence to complete her work to her best ability. She doesn't give up on tough math problems and will search through the text to find evidence to back written answers in reading.  She shows respect to her fellow classmates and staff members at school.  During group projects, Gabby listens to other's ideas and synergizes with her team to use the best of all the ideas on the table. Most importantly, we see Gabby consistently acting as a leader at Central Elementary. When helping in the office, eating lunch with her friends, helping her first grade buddy, or learning in the classroom, Gabby leads by example. Her gentle leadership shows a maturity beyond her years.  It is our pleasure to honor her with the PRIDE Championship award.

Harney—Natalie Hardin

Natalie has been selected as the Harney Tiger PRIDE Champion based on her actions in and out of the classroom.  She is a very kind student who is always setting the best example for others.  Natalie shows respect for her classmates by staying on topic in her work and being efficient in the time that it takes her to do her tasks.  As a teacher, I can depend on Natalie to always know what she needs to do when she walks into the classroom, whether it is in the morning, after specials, or after lunch.  She is an outstanding role model for others and takes an enormous amount of pride in her work and character.  Way to go Natalie, your Harney family is proud of you!

Hattie B. Stokes—Emely Velasco Nieves

Emely is the kind of student that other students want to emulate. She sets an example of the type of friend she is to others by being kind and helpful to everyone. Each morning, Emely comes in with a smile and greets the teacher and other students. Emely is hard-working and meticulous in her school work. When working with a teammate or partner who is struggling with an activity, she shows grace and is always ready to help.  Outside of the classroom, her leadership shines through her role as a student ambassador. She will be a leader in academics as well as character.  Emely is going to go on to do amazing things in the future, not only academically but also as a person.  Hattie B. Stokes is proud to celebrate Emely as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!

Perry-Worth—Delilah Ramsey

Delilah is a perfect representation for PRIDE at Perry-Worth. She is very selfless and is always thinking of others first. She includes all of her peers and is a leader to make sure everyone feels welcome and loved in class. She is always working hard on all of her work. She is able to bounce back from getting an answer wrong and sees it as a learning experience and will not let it stop her from trying again.  Delilah is always willing to help others out with something they do not understand or if they need help completing a task. Delilah comes into school every day smiling and ready to learn. She sees each day as a new opportunity to learn something new and is always asking questions that get everyone thinking (even her teacher!). Her work ethic is unmatched, and she is always giving 110% on everything she does. Keep up the hard work, Delilah!