April Tiger PRIDE Champions

Posted by Kristen Scott on 4/19/2022 7:30:00 PM



Lebanon High School—Ella Taylor

Nominated by LHS Staff

Ella is an exceptional student-athlete and exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE through her academics, athletics, and interactions with her peers and high school staff. Academically, Ella demonstrates PRIDE through her 4.00 GPA and top 5 class ranking while taking a rigorous academic schedule. She consistently demonstrates persistence and initiative in the classroom and through her impressive achievements in DECA. Ella is a valued and positive leader for the Girls Golf Team and the Student Section. Her respectfulness and dependability while representing our school and community is not only recognized but also appreciated. In all that she does, Ella embodies the ideals of PRIDE as a true servant leader in our school and community. Congratulations, Ella for exemplifying what it means to be a Tiger Pride Champion.


Lebanon High School—Riley Newman

Nominated by LHS Staff

Riley is an exemplary young man that exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does. He is a very goal-oriented young man who pushes himself to reach his immense potential through an unwavering commitment to the characteristics exhibited in PRIDE. Riley is a standout scholar, as evidenced by his class rank as first in his class, as well as his recognition as an AP Scholar, National Merit Scholar, and Lilly Scholarship recipient. Riley has been successful at soccer, as a diver on the swim team, and as a member of the track team. He is respectful and considerate to all those he encounters, and he has represented our school and the community with great PRIDE. Congratulations to Riley Newman for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


Lebanon Middle School—Phynix Fowler

Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team

Phynix is the epitome of what PRIDE represents.  He is polite and kind-hearted towards all that he comes into contact with, whether it be adults or classmates. Phynix strives for excellence not only in himself, but those that are around him. He sets a great example of respect, patience, and work ethic, not only in his academics but in life in general. Phynix is well-deserving of this honor.


Lebanon Middle School—Averie Lollar

Nominated by LMS Swag Team (Mrs. Dunshee, Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Barrell, Miss Herrin)

Averie exemplifies PRIDE and leadership qualities both in the classroom and on the volleyball court.  She is a thoughtful student who is always prepared for class. She maintains excellent grades while being heavily involved in volleyball as well as showing hogs throughout the Midwest.  Averie is kind to others and can be counted on as a role model.  Oftentimes, when teachers are out of the building, Averie is asked to be a source of information and assistance for substitutes. While Avery is a quiet leader, the students respect her leadership qualities.  


Central—Kyla Gosewehr

Nominated by Diana Shirley, Kim Lahrman, Keanna Stamm

Kyla Gosewehr is a leader who strives to live by the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and all of the characteristics of Tiger PRIDE. She is respectful and a great teammate. Recently, our class gained a new student. Kyla quickly offered a seat next to hers so that she could help the student adjust to our classroom.  Kyla is extremely kind, friendly, and gets along with everyone, so there’s no doubt that any student would feel welcomed with a seat beside her. Kyla is also very dependable. She frequently has her weekly classroom goals and homework completed well before they are due, all while excelling in her extracurricular activities, like softball and volleyball, which she participates in outside of school. Kyla perseveres through challenging tasks and refuses to give up, even when it is difficult. Kyla has the initiative and drive to do anything she sets her mind to do. The team at Central is proud to send her to LMS and watch her continue to shine!


Harney—Brenlie Pitman

Nominated by Debbie Boggess

Brenlie is a kind, honest, respectful, and hardworking young lady.  She continually gives her best and works to complete all of her work while remaining positive and persevering through challenges.  Brenlie is a natural leader and makes a real difference in the classroom. Brenlie's peers say she is funny, energetic, and unique in a good way.  Harney is proud to recognize Brenlie Pitman and we wish her the best as she begins middle school!


Hattie B. Stokes—Hanitsy Ortega-Olvera

Nominated by Madison Malec

Hanitsy is a true example of a Tiger PRIDE Champion!  Each day she goes above and beyond what is expected of her both academically and socially. Her schoolwork is always a model example of what is expected and she goes out of her way to help classmates that struggle with concepts she understands. Hanitsy serves as an ambassador in our school and never hesitates to stand up for her friends. She will be missed by many when she continues on to middle school next year, but we know she will continue to do great things!


Perry-Worth—Audrie Cooper

Nominated by Kurt Wayood

Audrie continually sets goals and works diligently to achieve her goals while pushing herself to be a better student.  Audrie seeks initiative in her work, always finishing her morning work on time and taking home classwork that isn't finished.  She is a dependable and trustworthy individual amongst her peer group and her teachers. If something needs to be done, Audrie is a student who can be trusted to do it well and on-time.  She treats other students with respect and even volunteers her time to assist 1st grade students and teachers in an effort to help others better.  As a fifth-grade student, she is efficient in her work and has the ability to balance her school work, extracurricular activities, friendships and family time.  Our classroom and school are both better places because of Audrie Cooper!