February Tiger PRIDE Champions

Posted by Kristen Scott on 2/15/2022 7:25:00 PM


Lebanon High School—Jazlyn Gramlin

Nominated by LHS Staff

Jazlyn is an exceptional student-athlete at LHS, and she exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE as part of her true character and integrity. While Jazlyn stays busy year-round, the winter months are extra busy as she is a very important member of the cheerleading team and girls' wrestling. Jazlyn recently finished as the state runner up at the Girls Wrestling State Tournament, and has been a key member of our very successful girls wrestling program. More importantly, she does all this in a first-class manner. While coming so close to winning a state championship medal is surely disheartening, Jazlyn was a model of sportsmanship and Tiger PRIDE as she interacted with her opponent and other participants after the championship match. Her actions, even during adversity, show her true character, and our community is better because of Jazlyn's representation of Lebanon High School. It is important to note that Jazlyn is just as committed to PRIDE when the lights are not on and a crowd is not present. Recently there have been two reports of Jazlyn completing special acts of kindness, that, while not public, are definitely noticed. Others witnessed Jazlyn making a point to be welcoming, respectful, and provide true friendship to a student in need at LHS when the student needed noticed the most. During the same time frame, another student had a medical emergency with an extremely bad nose bleed. Jazlyn was a calming influence throughout the situation, summoned help from the nurse, then quickly returned to the student and provided needed assistance until the nurse was able to take over. In all that she does, Jazlyn embodies the ideals of PRIDE as a true servant leader in our school and community. Congratulations Jazlyn for exemplifying what it means to be a Tiger Pride Champion. 


Lebanon High School—Alex Juarez

Nominated by LHS Staff

Alex is a tremendous young man who exemplifies what it means to serve others. President Kennedy must have had Alex Juarez in mind when he said in his inaugural address, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Alex has fulfilled this message as he has genuinely served many people at Lebanon High School without ever asking “what are you going to do for me”. He thrives in the roles he has played as a football manager, cameraman and game commentator for Lebanon basketball.  You will often see Alex walking to and from school or school related activities because it is important for him to be part of the Lebanon team.  Alex loves sports, and he truly loves being a Lebanon Tiger. He is a friend to all, and models all aspects of PRIDE. While he often supports others behind the scenes, he continually asks himself what can I do for my school and community, not what others are doing for me. Alex works hard in the classroom as a dedicated student, and he selflessly gives his time to make the lives of those around him better. Alex has a friendly, cheerful, and fun-loving personality, and his smile lights up the room. Lebanon High School is a better place because of Alex Juarez and he will be missed when he graduates this May. It is an honor to recognize Alex Juarez as a Tiger PRIDE Champion for LHS.


Lebanon Middle School—Alejandro Bernal-Santos

Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team

Alex is a very conscientious person that works hard to achieve any goal set before him. He consistently strives for excellence, not only in himself but those he works with. Alex's character and strengths embody all that PRIDE stands for in producing strong leaders for the future. He is very motivated to excel and achieve success in all that he does.  LMS is proud to celebrate Alejandro as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


Lebanon Middle School—Chase Rubi

Nominated by LMS Swag Team

Chase is a leader in both the classroom and on the athletic field. He is often asked to help other students in class who are struggling or need help. Teachers can always rely on Chase to set the example for other students and substitutes can rely on him to assist when needed. Chase leads by example academically by completing all his work and doing well in his homework, tests, and other classroom activities. He has been consistent with his effort and attitude, which makes him stand out as the year has progressed. Chase is well liked and respected by his peers and teachers as he is very personable.  Congratulations Chase, keep displaying PRIDE in all that you do! 


Central—Gabe Jones

Nominated by Diana Shirley, Kim Lahrman, Keanna Stamm

Gabe has worked very hard this year to become the person he wants to be. He is consistent in his efforts throughout each day. Gabe is sure to check that the work he turns in is his best effort.  Gabe loves learning and participating in classroom discussions, small group discussions and partner work. He doesn’t want the teacher to tell him the answer, he takes the initiative to figure it out on his own!  Above all, Gabe is dependable. He in the Central Student Lighthouse Team and is a valued member of each action team he helps.  Gabe comes to school early for meetings and manages his school work load to enable him to use school time to help his teams. He truly lives by his mission statement to work hard!  Gabe has persisted over the years and has shown such amazing growth this year!  Way to go Gabe, the Central staff is proud of the young man you have become!


Harney—Isamar Rojas

Nominated by Carol Parker

Isamar consistently displays respect, responsibility, perseverance, and kindness to everyone around her!  She continually gives her best and works to complete all of her work. Isamar gets along well with others. She is self-disciplined, motivated, and honest. Isamar always has a smile on her face and a kind word for a friend. Isamar, your classmates and teachers at Harney are proud of you!  Isamar is a terrific Tiger Cub and a wonderful example of a Tiger PRIDE Champion!


Hattie B. Stokes—Zoie Alexander

Nominated by Pam Howe

Zoie is an exceptional leader. She is always willing to help others and is a fabulous role model by using her lifelines of integrity, responsibility, and perseverance. Zoie takes pride in her academics and works hard to learn as much as she can about all subjects. Zoie is the type of student who takes every opportunity given to her and then works hard to excel.  There are several qualities that make Zoie a true Tiger PRIDE Champion!  It is an honor to have Zoie represent Hattie B. Stokes as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!


Perry-Worth—Bella Dawson

Nominated by Kaley Hendrickson

Bella is a dependable and reliable student and friend.  She follows directions effectively, and follows through on her commitments to herself and others. Bella consistently works well with classmates and often takes a leadership role within our class.  She shows a positive attitude daily, and she is a dependable friend. As a 5th grade student, Bella is responsible and makes sure her work is done and done well.  Perry-Worth is a better place because of Bella Dawson!  We are proud of you!