December Student Tiger PRIDE Champions

Posted by Kristen Scott on 12/14/2021 7:30:00 PM



Lebanon High School—Grace-Ann Flanagan

Nominated by LHS Staff

LHS is very proud to recognize Grace-Ann Flanagan as a LCSC Tiger Pride Champion. Grace-Ann is an ideal representative of this honor as she exhibits all aspects of PRIDE at a high level on a consistent basis. She is a high achieving student at LHS earning an unweighted GPA of a 4.04 to date, but she is so much more than a straight A student. Grace-Ann is a young lady of impeccable character that always treats others with the utmost respect. It is impressive and affirming to see Grace-Ann interact with students and visitors at LHS as an office assistant. She is always kind, welcoming, friendly, and compassionate. She is highly respected by the office staff for always being willing to lend a helping hand. She even volunteered to stay in the office during her Homeroom time to answer phones, read the PA announcements, and to help others as needed. She is also very highly respected at her internship site, The Lady Bug, where she is learning numerous business skills. She has taken on a great deal of responsibility and her excellent work has been recognized and appreciated. Grace-Ann is a very accomplished student and is equally committed to being an incredible person.


Lebanon High School—Max Williams

Nominated by LHS Staff

The staff at LHS is very proud to recognize Max Williams as an LCSC Tiger Pride Champion. Max exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does as a student-athlete and servant leader at LHS. Max has many special gifts athletically and academically, but his most impressive gift is his genuine willingness to be a positive influence to everyone that he encounters. He is quick to reach out with a smile and a welcoming hello. Max excels as an athlete as evidenced by his division 1 offers for Football and as a student as evidenced by ranking in the top 10 of the senior class.  Max is a person of great character and earns respect through his genuine persona.  Max is highly regarded at his internship site at RL Turner in Zionsville. The staff value his opinion and respect Max a great deal.  Recently even invited Max to participate in their Eat the Frog Leadership series. While Max has many noticeable gifts, he excels in all that he does due to the emotional quotient that he consistently exhibits that is beyond his years.


Lebanon Middle School—Callie Bruder

Nominated by LMS SWAG Team

It is with great pleasure, that the SWAG team nominates Callie Bruder for LCSC's Tiger Pride Champion. Callie represents PRIDE in many aspects. She is always respectful to teachers, staff, and her fellow classmates. Callie continually shows persistence, dependability and initiative in the classroom. An example of persistence and initiative is when she had to stay home and learn virtually for a period of time. Callie never missed a beat, did all of her assignments on time, and came back to school fully prepared to take any tests/quizzes she missed. Callie strives to be the best student she can be, which is reflected in her grades. In class, Callie demonstrates dependability and initiative by seeking out ways to help in the class. This can be in the form of running errands and helping out the staff. Callie is also part of our PRIDE/Tiger Leadership seminar. Callie demonstrates PRIDE in all she does and serves as a role model for others.


Lebanon Middle School—Liliana Gonzalez

Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team       

Liliana embodies a special enthusiasm and eagerness to learn in all subject areas.  Not only is she committed to being a passionate learner, Lili makes the classroom a brighter place by being respectful to her peers and teachers.  She works hard to achieve any goal set before her and strives for excellence not only in herself but also her peers.  Lilli is very motivated to excel and achieve success.  We are excited to watch Lilli continue to grow as a student and leader as she begins at LHS next fall!  The sky is truly the limit for Lili Gonzalez!


Central—Claire Wilhoite

Nominated by Diana Shirley, Kim Lahrman, Keanna Stamm

Claire is a leader who constantly displays all of the characteristics of Tiger PRIDE, as well as the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. She is a well- rounded student. Academically she excels and works hard to earn honor roll each nine weeks, while participating in several extracurricular activities like swimming, Black Box Theater, and also volunteering in the toddler class at church. Everyone around Claire knows they can count on her. Claire has the initiative and drive to do anything she sets her mind to do.  When Claire sees what needs done, she does it without being told.  She is extremely organized and a proactive student.  The Central family is proud to recognize Claire for being a true Tiger PRIDE Champion.


Harney—Kerigan Huntsinger

Nominated by Debbie Boggess

Kerigan is new to Lebanon schools this year, but you would never know it because she fits right in. She has many friends as a result of the respect and kindness she shows from the minute she walks into the classroom every morning. She is a natural leader and is always willing to help her classmates and teacher when needed. Kerigan is academically ready to take on new tasks and learn difficult material when it is presented to her. We are lucky to have Kerigan as part of our LCSC and Harney family.


Hattie B. Stokes—Kayden Perkins

Nominated by Madison Malec   

Kayden is the perfect model for what a Tiger PRIDE Champion must encompass. He can successfully persevere through any challenge thrown at him. He comes to school each day with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. He is a strong leader amongst his peers, serving as both a natural leader in his demeanor and an ambassador. He is constantly helping his peers and going above and beyond what is expected of him. His consistent respect, dependability, and attitude make him the perfect representative of a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


Perry-Worth—Sloan Stevens

Nominated by Kurt Waywood

Sloan displays persistence by never being afraid to stand up and ask questions in order to solve challenges.  As a student she shows initiative in helping out her fellow students and consistently represents Perry-Worth well.  She is the first person to reach out to a classmate in need, to invite a peer to a group or to sit down and talk with a student when they are having a bad day.  Sloan also manages to balance her life after school with her homework responsibilities and turns in all assignments on time.  Mr. Waywood shared that he can always rely on Sloan being at the right place at the right time.  Sloan brings smiles to every room she enters and is respectful of those around her. Faced with adversity, she always tries to look on the bright side of things.  Perry-Worth is proud to celebrate Sloan Stevens!