October Student Tiger PRIDE Champions

Posted by Kristen Scott on 10/19/2021 7:25:00 PM



Lebanon High School—Lilly Mrozinski

Nominated by LHS Staff

Lilly consistently exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE, and while she has always been an exceptional student, Lilly has blossomed as a senior not just raising her achievement academically from an already impressive level, but more importantly, she has made an impressive commitment to her personal growth. It has been a joy to watch the resilience Lilly has shown through her high school journey, and she has earned the recognition of being a Tiger Pride Champion. Her smile and friendly hello are an endearing quality that bring much joy and appreciation to others. Her commitment to PRIDE will ensure much future success for Lilly. Congratulations Lilly, the LHS Staff is very proud of you.


Lebanon High School—Gage Miller

Nominated by LHS Staff

Gage is an actively involved student-athlete who puts forth his best effort as a student and athlete. As a senior, he is doing his best work and his efforts are very evident in the classroom and on the football field. While Gage consistently exhibits all aspects of PRIDE at a very high level, he has excelled in the area of Persistence and Respect. It has been impressive to observe Gage demonstrate his true character and servant leadership. While he is a standout player on the Varsity Football team, he stays after the game to clean up the sideline for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. The staff at LHS is very proud of Gage, and it has been a genuine pleasure observing Gage's success as a student, football player, and most importantly, as a young man of great heart, integrity, and character. Thank you Gage for consistently displaying your commitment to the ideals of PRIDE.


Lebanon Middle School—Luke Dunshee

Nominated by LMS SWAG Team

Luke demonstrates PRIDE is many aspects of his life, both in the classroom and on the football field. Luke is part of our PBIS/Leadership group. He is first to volunteer to help with various tasks assigned such as handing out locker badges or other forms of recognition to the student body. Luke demonstrates initiative by seeking out work when he has completed his class work. Often times he will come down to finish tasks started in during seminar. Luke continually demonstrates persistence and dependability in the classroom by working hard and striving to be the best student he can be. Luke is not only a leader in the classroom but also on the football field.  According to his coach, as the quarterback, Luke is the leader of the team. His confidence in his skills as quarterback as well as a leader on the field have grown immensely since the start of the season.


Lebanon Middle School—Mei Kurihara

Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team

Mei is a conscientious student that has the qualities that all students should strive to embody!  She’s hard working, focused, engaged, polite, and always takes ownership to be the best person she can possibly be.  Additionally, Mei stands out because of the consistent initiative she takes in class.  If there is a task to be done or a question to be asked, Mei won’t hesitate to move forward.  Mei is a quality example of how respectfulness should look with her peers and teachers.  She strives for excellence not only in herself but also those she works with.  Congratulations Mei!


Central—Kenton Shouse

Nominated by Kim Lahrman and Diana Shirley

Kenton is one individual who comes to school prepared for whatever the day may bring. Kenton takes pride in his work and puts his full effort into creating a masterpiece, whether he is writing an essay or playing a song on his ukulele. Kenton listens to his classmates, digests the information and responds reflectively. He considers other people’s wins as well as his own when helping his teams stay focused on their goals. Kenton is a huge help when tracking our school-wide goals. He truly lives by this part of his mission statement: I will be a kind and respectful person.


Harney—Crysta Summers

Nominated by Kirklyn Walker

Crysta brings a quiet light to each situation that she is in. She exudes PRIDE by persisting through life's challenges with a grateful heart and empathetic consideration of where other people are coming from or the internal challenges they may be dealing with. Crysta is recognized by numerous staff members as a student who extends kindness and respect toward her peers and adults. Crysta's initiative and dependability go hand-in-hand, as she can consistently be counted on to step up when she recognizes the need. Above all else, Crysta thinks of others. She is able to consistently show thoughtful consideration to the people around her while at the same time exceeding all expectations for personal, social, and academic growth.


Hattie B. Stokes—Brea Koerner

Nominated by Morgan Griggs

Brea is always trying to be her best self and is always working hard to improve herself in all subjects. When she sees that she needs to improve on something, she will work hard to make sure that she gets better! Her persistence is astounding. Brea is respectful and helpful to all peers and teachers while constantly showing her manners. She shows initiative to get things done and to be prepared for the day. We can depend on her daily for the normal tasks but to also be a role model for the classroom. Brea always goes above and beyond. She is a true friend to many in our classroom and in 5th grade. We are very proud of Brea and who she is today and look forward to hearing all of her many accomplishments in the coming years!


Perry-Worth—Keagan Plows

Nominated by Kaley Hendrickson

Keagan consistently shows all 5 PRIDE characteristics. He shows up every morning ready to work and to do his best on every single assignment. Keagan is respected by his peers and works well with everyone in class. He respects his teachers and shows them that respect every day. He is responsible and makes sure all his work gets done without having to be reminded. Keagan is a pleasure to have in class.