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March 2024 Tiger PRIDE Champions

LCSC believes all students need to master work ethic skills in order to reach their full potential. The goal of PRIDE is to build students of strong character who will strengthen our school district and positively impact the community.

PRIDE describes the fundamental expectations of students at all LCSC schools:

  • Persistence: Student is able to persevere through challenges and problem-solve.
  • Respectfulness: Student accepts and demonstrates service to others, possesses a positive attitude and communicates clearly.
  • Initiative: Student is a self-starter and a critical thinker
  • Dependability: Student is reliable and demonstrates responsibility and teamwork. Student also demonstrates academic readiness.
  • Efficiency: Student is organized, punctual and demonstrates self-management.

The following students were nominated and selected as the March 2024 Tiger PRIDE Champions: 

Drew Reeves

Lebanon High School— Drew Reeves
Nominated by Mrs. Woosley and Mr. Joris 

Drew is a very diligent worker and committed to doing his best in class as well as in extra-curriculars. As a member of DECA, he focuses on bettering himself but also volunteers for many activities and events, helping the chapter immensely. He is a very pleasant young man to work with. He works hard and is very dependable.


Emily Sperry

Lebanon High School– Emily Sperry
Nominated by Mrs. Woosley and Mrs. Jones

Hardworking, determined, funny, and trustworthy. Those are the four words that come to my mind when someone asks me about Emily Sperry. She is one of the most hardworking people in the room and is always determined to give 100%. She is a great role model, both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. She is such a light to be around!



Lebanon Middle School– Gabe Thieke
Nominated by Team Swag

Gabe exemplifies what it means to be a Tiger PRIDE Champion. Gabe is a leader in the classroom, as well as on the soccer field and wrestling mat. Gabe is respectful to his teachers, coaches and classmates. Team SWAG is beyond proud to call Gabe Thieke our Tiger PRIDE Champion. Great job, Gabe!!


Emma Alexander

Lebanon Middle School– Emma Alexander
Nominated by Team Bulldog

The LMS Bulldog team is pleased to announce Emma Alexander as our Tiger PRIDE Champion. Emma consistently demonstrates the PRIDE qualities. She is self-motivated and driven to succeed. She often goes above and beyond on an assignment to ensure success. Emma has a servant’s heart, helping other students to succeed, and by serving in the PBIS group.

Emma is respectful, honest, and the type of student that teachers love to have in their classrooms. Congratulations, Emma!


James Custis

Central Elementary– James Custis
Nominated by Kim Lahrman, Diana Shirley, and Keanna Stamm

James has demonstrated time and again the qualities of initiative, persistence, efficiency, and kindness. When there is work to be done, James takes charge and gets started right away. He doesn’t procrastinate or wait to be told what to do - he takes initiative. Once James begins a task, he sticks with it. He does not rest until the job is fully completed. James perseveres through any challenges he faces. He utilizes his time and resources wisely. James works in an organized manner and is always reliable. This is a mark of great efficiency.

James is a role model not just through his achievements, but through his character. He motivates those around him to be self-driven, diligent, focused and caring. So I applaud James today for his outstanding initiative, persistence, efficiency and kindness. He represents the best of what our school aims to instill in students. Let’s all strive to emulate the stellar qualities that James displays each day.


Carson Goodrich

Harney Elementary– Carson Goodrich
Nominated by Mrs. Warren

Carson is a superstar! He always works hard and goes above and beyond in everything he does. He's great at managing his time so he can do well in school and still have fun with his hobbies. Carson is also super helpful and kind, always willing to lend a hand to his classmates. He's a true inspiration to everyone around him with his positive attitude and creativity. We're so lucky to have Carson in our class!


Steele Foster

Hattie B. Stokes Elementary– Steele Foster
Nominated by Mrs. Howe

Steele has made huge gains both academically and socially over the past year and a half that he has been in my class. He tries new experiences and works hard. He is always doing the right thing and treating people right. He shows his Tiger Pride each and every day. Steele is a remarkable young man. 


Hawa Dia

Perry-Worth Elementary– Hawa Dia
Nominated by Emily Vanatsky, Katie Mezo, McKenna Way, and Ryan Christopher

Hawa's persistence is evident in her consistent efforts to overcome challenges and excel academically. When faced with difficult tasks or concepts, she perseveres, seeking additional help or resources to ensure a thorough understanding.

In terms of respectfulness, Hawa consistently displays courteous behavior towards her peers, teachers, and the learning environment. She actively listens to others, values diverse perspectives, and treats everyone with kindness and consideration.

Hawa takes initiative both inside and outside the classroom. Whether it's volunteering for class activities, taking on leadership roles, or independently exploring supplementary resources to enhance her understanding, she shows a proactive approach to her education.

Her determination is reflected in her strong work ethic and the high standards she sets for herself. Hawa consistently tackles assignments with a focused and diligent mindset, demonstrating a commitment to producing quality work.

Hawa's persistence, respectfulness, initiative, and determination collectively contribute to a classroom environment characterized by a strong work ethic, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to learning and growth. These qualities make her a standout student who positively influences the dynamics of the entire class.