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Sagamore Athletic Conference Welcomes William Henry Harrison High School and McCutcheon High School

The Sagamore Athletic Conference is pleased to share the addition of William Henry Harrison High School and McCutcheon High School. Inviting both Tippecanoe Schools signifies a significant milestone, marking a new era for the Sagamore Athletic Conference.

Effective fall 2025, the Sagamore Conference will officially include Danville, Lebanon, McCutcheon, Tri-West, and William Henry Harrison. Lebanon Community School Corporation eagerly anticipates partnering with the Sagamore Conference schools as we jointly support each student-athlete's pursuit of excellence. 

The opportunity to develop a conference that enhances competitive balance for our student-athletes and provides additional avenues for student growth is truly exciting. We are committed to working alongside each school to cultivate relationships that will benefit all student-athletes for years to come.