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LCSC Transportation Department Passes Rigorous Inspection

Lebanon Community School Corporation is proud to announce that the Transportation Department has once again passed a rigorous state inspection for school bus safety. The LCSC Transportation Department earned a 100% approval rating on the entire fleet of buses.

The LCSC Department of Transportation consists of Director of Transportation Becky Nichols, secretaries Melissa Chapman and Sheila Strouse, mechanics David Miller and Curtis Summers, and a team of 48 bus drivers. The department maintains a fleet of 47 buses.

Annually, the Indiana State Police Department conducts inspections to determine compliance with the State School Bus Committee standards. Inspection procedures cover safety-related systems and maintenance, and ensure the safest mode of transportation for Indiana students. Inspection reports for all Boone County schools can be viewed at:

Lebanon Community School Corporation Administration commends the Transportation Department for their work and dedication to maintaining the highest standard of transportation for our students. The Department and their accomplishment will be recognized at the monthly meeting of the LCSC Board of Trustees on Tuesday, May 18 at 7 p.m.