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LCSC, LFD Update School Emergency Response Procedures

In collaboration with the Lebanon Fire Department, Lebanon Police Department, LCSC Police Department, and Indiana Department of Education, Lebanon Community School Corporation has established a new standard operating guideline known as Evacuation Event.

Under the Evacuation Event protocol, teachers and staff will assess their surroundings prior to evacuating when the fire alarm sounds. If anyone can smell or see smoke or fire, they are to immediately evacuate the building. If no smoke or fire is observed, students and staff will enter a Hold in accordance with the LCSC Standard Response Protocol. This Hold will allow school officials and first responders the opportunity to investigate the source of the fire alarm. 

The Evacuation Event guidelines are in accordance with recently passed legislation (IC 22-11-17-2) and updated school safety recommendations. IC 22-11-17-2 allows schools to hold students in classrooms for up to three minutes during unplanned fire drills. School staff and public safety officials collaborated to develop these guidelines, intended to keep students safe in an unpredictable environment.

It is important for students to understand that this new protocol is applicable in school buildings only, where fire walls are in place to contain the spread of fire. Families are encouraged to continue discussing fire safety and practice evacuation procedures at home.

Lebanon High School will conduct an Evacuation Event Drill on Friday, August 16th. The Lebanon Fire Department and LCSC Police Department will be onsite for observation and feedback. It is expected that all schools in the district will begin practicing the updated procedure this fall.