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December 2023 Tiger PRIDE Champions

LCSC believes all students need to master work ethic skills in order to reach their full potential. The goal of PRIDE is to build students of strong character who will strengthen our school district and positively impact the community.

PRIDE describes the fundamental expectations of students at all LCSC schools:

  • Persistence: Student is able to persevere through challenges and problem-solve.
  • Respectfulness: Student accepts and demonstrates service to others, possesses a positive attitude and communicates clearly.
  • Initiative: Student is a self-starter and a critical thinker
  • Dependability: Student is reliable and demonstrates responsibility and teamwork. Student also demonstrates academic readiness.
  • Efficiency: Student is organized, punctual and demonstrates self-management.

The following students were nominated and selected as the December 2023 Tiger PRIDE Champions: 


Tate DeLaRosa

Tate DeLaRosa– Lebanon High School
Nominated by Mrs. Kazmierczak, Mr. Hiatt, and Mrs. Mineart

Tate is wise beyond his years. He seeks to understand subjects fully, not resting until he truly comprehends all angles of a topic. He is compassionate and empathetic. He has grown in the classroom and in Key Club. Tate sought out a larger role when he saw the Club had a need. He’s gone above and beyond to make projects successful. He sat out in the rain at Western Boone to collect coats, hats and scarves. He volunteered, designed, and built a box that we can use for collections at future collection events. He’s been an integral part of the Key Club the past few years. He is very respectful and any teacher in the building can count on him to help and do the right thing. He is always up for a challenge and loves to learn new things. There are so many instances of Tate exemplifying the character traits emphasized by PRIDE. Tate is the embodiment of these characteristics.


Kate Williams

Kate Williams– Lebanon High School
Nominated by Mrs. Langebartels

Kate is a student that exemplifies Tiger PRIDE every day. She is not only an outstanding student academically, she is a phenomenal tennis and golf teammate. She also shows great sportsmanship as other schools have commented on her respectfulness. Kate holds herself to a high standard and has a strong moral compass. She is genuinely striving to be a better student and person. Kate has been an office assistant for 3 years and she is dependable, respectful and will help with any task without complaint. She also shows her Tiger spirit by supporting and cheering on her peers at different sporting events.


Amellia Spencer

Amellia Spencer– Lebanon Middle School
Nominated by Team SWAG

Team SWAG is honored and privileged to announce Amellia Spencer as our Tiger PRIDE Champion. Amellia is extremely involved in and out of school. Amellia is in Parli for FFA, plays softball, and is a member of the 8th grade PBIS. Even with such a busy schedule, she maintains outstanding grades and, even more importantly, a positive attitude. Amellia is a role model to her fellow students and teachers can always count on her to help out. Perhaps the best quality of Amellia is her kindness and smile! Great job Amellia!


Alexis Lahrman

Alexis Lahrman– Lebanon Middle School
Nominated by Team Bulldog

Alexis is an outstanding student who has an exceptional work ethic and is highly motivated to learn new things daily in her classes. On top of that, Alexis demonstrates a level of compassion for other students of all grade levels not normally seen in 8th graders. A good leader, caring person, highly motivated and outstanding student, Alexis is very deserving of this honor.


Jordan Hart

Jordan Hart– Central Elementary
Nominated by Diana Shirley, Kim Lahrman, and Keanna Stamm

Jordan is the type of person you want on your team. He truly cares about the people around him and is a compassionate friend. His loyalty is unmatched. Beyond his big heart, Jordan also has an appetite for knowledge. Along with his friendship and intellect, Jordan also stands out for his phenomenal work ethic. He simply does not give up when he sets his mind to something. Finally, for all his talents, Jordan is wonderfully humble. He is the first to admit when he doesn’t know something but is eager to learn more. Despite his many accomplishments, he is always seeking self-improvement and new perspectives. Jordan is the complete package – a thoughtful friend, a passionate learner, a tireless worker and a humble soul. He is one-of-a-kind, and we are so grateful to have him at Central Elementary.


Lilly White

Lilly White– Harney Elementary
Nominated by Mrs. Warren

Lilly is an amazing student who always brings positivity and dedication. She never fails to aim for excellence. Lilly goes beyond the classroom to support her peers, even if she's struggling herself. She sets high standards for both academics and kindness, making her stand out among her peers. She is the perfect role model and strives to be her best self every day. In a world that needs more positive influences, Lilly is an inspiration, and we're lucky to have her with us.


Harper Floyd

Harper Floyd– Hattie B. Stokes
Nominated by Mrs. Teeter

Harper is enjoyable to have in class. She is very kindhearted and helpful. She has a great work ethic in the classroom. She always pays attention and is eager to learn. She helps her peers when they do not understand the lesson. She is always willing to help the teacher with things around the classroom. She is currently a peer model for our 4th and 5th grade life skills class. She is a leader and role model in the school. She takes pride in everything she does, and it shows in her accomplishments.


Lily Christian

Lily Christian– Perry-Worth Elementary
Nominated by Emily Vanatsky

Lily demonstrates respectfulness in many ways in the classroom. She listens attentively when others are speaking and waits patiently for her turn. When faced with challenges in the classroom, Lily demonstrates her persistence. Even when assignments seem difficult, she perseveres through the work. Lily demonstrates initiative in the classroom by taking an active role in her learning. She takes the lead when she sees an opportunity to contribute. Through her curiosity and drive to play an active part in education, Lily shows how students can demonstrate initiative to benefit themselves and others in the classroom. Her resourcefulness and willingness to take on responsibility showcase her initiative. Lily demonstrates that her classmates and teacher can rely on her in the ways she contributes to the classroom community. She comes to class each day punctually, ready to learn with all her materials organized. Lily follows through on completing assignments, meeting deadlines, and doing her best work. Lily strives to make the most of class time by remaining organized and self-managed. She always ensures her assignments are done on time by balancing her workload efficiently. Lily exhibits punctuality by arriving promptly to class ready to learn. To optimize each learning opportunity, she makes succinct contributions during lessons that move discussions forward. Lily is such a joy to have in the classroom, and I cannot wait to see what her future holds!