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Indiana Secretary of Education Visits LCSC to Explore Educational Initiatives

On Tuesday, October 17, Dr. Katie Jenner, the esteemed Indiana Secretary of Education, embarked on a visit to several schools within Lebanon Community School Corporation (LCSC). The purpose of her visit was to gain insight into the innovative educational programs and approaches that are driving the district towards "a new best" every single day. 

Dr. Jenner began her visit at Lebanon High School, where she delved into LCSC's robust Career Engagement program. This program stands as a testament to LCSC's commitment to shaping the futures of its students. During her time at LHS, Dr. Jenner engaged in a conversation with three senior students, allowing them to share their personal experiences and insights regarding the career engagement program's impact on their educational journey.

Dr. Jenner continued her LCSC tour with a stop at Perry-Worth Elementary School. Here, she had the opportunity to witness firsthand the cutting-edge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programming being implemented at LCSC's elementary schools. The students at Perry-Worth Elementary School enthusiastically welcomed Dr. Jenner as she toured the facility, underscoring the importance of introducing innovative educational initiatives at an early age.

Dr. Jenner's visit was met with great enthusiasm from the LCSC community. The students, educators, and administrators were honored to have her explore the dynamic and forward-thinking approaches that are helping LCSC achieve educational excellence.

Lebanon Community School Corporation is dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries of educational innovation and fostering a commitment to excellence in its students. Dr. Jenner's visit is a testament to the district's relentless pursuit of these goals.