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This is Just a Drill

Schools are required to complete certain drills periodically through the school year. These drills include:
Lockdown (Intruder), Evacuation, Fire, Earthquake, Tornado, Secure Perimeter

Today we completed a Lockdown/Evacuation Drill. A fifth grade teacher announced the drill from her classroom. All staff/teachers made the determination whether it was safer to evacuate or lockdown. They then made the determination of which door was the safest and quickest exit.

We cleared the entire building, including those that locked down in 15 minutes. In an evacuation we have to determine if the perimeter is safe to be around or if we need to relocate our students at a rally point. Today, we took students to our rally point. Thank you to LPD and LFD for their assistance and extra layer of protection. The entire drill and procedures took less than 1 hour, which is outstanding for the amount of students and classrooms we have in our building.

Students were extremely well behaved while we waited for all of our students to be accounted for. In the event of a real emergency, parents will be notified and given directions for a safe reunification of their children.