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Virtual Learning

Dear Harney Staff and Families,

Attached is a letter that I hope finds you well enough. These are times that are not easy for anyone. There are no perfect solutions. We have technology that will allow for a virtual experience for staff and students. Having kids, being working parents, single parents, aging parents, foster parents, grandparents, etc. are incredibly difficult too. We do value your child's health, safety and education. Balancing this is beyond challenging for all. If we all pull together, help each other, and most importantly show our young that through the difficult times, we can keep them safe, healthy and learning, we will have prepared them to be future critical thinkers, independent, and trustworthy of handling crisis. We have to keep finding ways to keep our children's brains developing. It has always taken us working together. I believe in all of you! I believe in this school, and I believe in Lebanon to pull through this time with a good attitude and good will towards each other. Thank you so much for trying! Already we have Boys and Girls Club ready to help. BASE here to help. Our Food Service will be providing Free Breakfast and Lunches for each student enrolled at Harney tomorrow between Door 3 and Door 5. Reach out and we will try to help.