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Thank you so much for the positive well wishes as we get ready to welcome our students tomorrow. We have made many changes and created new habits to help keep us all safe. Please read everything from our school and district. Like us on FaceBook and Twitter (Make sure you choose Harney in Lebanon, not Vancouver).

Just today we have had to change our procedures for Bus Arrival and Dismissal. They are back on Camp Street and will enter and dismiss through Door 2.

ONLY YSPP car riders will use the horseshoe and enter Door #1.

Parents - we need our procedures to work. We need our car rider procedures to be successful. Please keep traffic flowing and remember to STOP at stop signs. We are hoping with the opening of several avenues that it will go quicker. Please be polite to everyone and patient. Please try not to drop your child off at random places around the school to walk. Walkers and bicyclists should go in through Door #1.

If you have school business, you may park in the front and enter Door #1.

Remote Learners should be getting information from your instructor. Assignments will be ready in Moby Max tomorrow. Your child should use their credentials to login to CLEVER and click on the Moby Max Icon (Whale).

Students attending in-person will be taking their iPads home on a frequent basis. They can and should use the programs for practice or any assignments teachers give as potential homework.

Thank you all for your support and your care for our staff!