Information for Students, Parents, and Families

  • In addition to regular newsletters, LCSC directly shares information about upcoming district and school events, reminders, weather delays, and emergency situations with students, families, and staff through the following channels:

    • Telephone call (restricted to issues affecting the health and safety of students)
    • Email blasts
    • NEW! Text messages (see below for more information)
    • LCSC app
    • Social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
    • Website headlines

    If you are affiliated with LCSC and would like to update or change your contact information, you may do so through Skyward Family Access.

    If you are not affiliated with LCSC, but would like to receive information, please use our Community Member Sign-Up!

NEW! Receive SMS Text Messages

  • If you do not receive SMS text messages from LCSC and you would like to opt in, please follow these steps:

    Parents + Guardians: Receive Notifications via Text Message

    1. Login to Skyward Family Access.
    2. In the upper right corner, select "My Account." You will see a screen with your contact information.
    3. Enter your mobile phone number and use the dropdown menu to label this number "cell."
      Please note: You must enter your mobile phone number as "cell" even if your primary number is a mobile number. This may mean you have the same number listed twice. You will NOT receive two phone calls to the same number, but you will receive a phone call to every number listed.
    4. Click "Save."
    5. Your requested changes will be approved within three business days.

    Parents + Guardians: Update Student Contact Information for Students to Receive Communications

    If you wish for your child to receive communications from the school (phone, email, text messages), you will need to confirm that his or her contact information is correct and that a mobile number is listed. This will allow your student to receive mass notifications directly; making these updates will not opt your student in to any additional or individual contact from LCSC.

    1. Login to Skyward Family Access.
    2. In left hand menu, select "Student Info."
    3. In upper right corner, select "Request Changes for [student name]."
    4. Select "Student Information" from the drop-down menu.
    5. Enter phone number(s) and email address information for your student. To receive text message notifications, the student must have a mobile number, labeled as "cell," listed in addition to "home phone."
    6. Click "Save."
    7. Repeat this process for each student.
    8. Your requested changes will be approved within three business days.

    Recipients can opt out at any time.