• What is PRIDE?

    LCSC believes all students need to master work ethic skills in order to reach their full potential. In 2017, we implemented the PRIDE Program to practice and positively reinforce these attributes. The goal of PRIDE is to build students of strong character who will strengthen our school district and positively impact the community.

    PRIDE describes the fundamental expectations of students at all LCSC schools:

    • Persistence: Student is able to persevere through challenges and problem-solve.
    • Respectfulness: Students accepts and demonstrates service to others, possesses a positive attitude and communicates clearly.
    • Initiative: Student is a self-starter and a critical thinker
    • Dependability: Student is reliable and demonstrates responsibility and teamwork. Student also demonstrates academic readiness.
    • Efficiency: Student is organized, punctual and demonstrates self- management.
  • Components of PRIDE

    PRIDE Score

    Quarterly, all students in LCSC receive a score based on PRIDE expectations. This PRIDE score, along with community service and attendance, provide opportunities for students to earn a Work Ethic Certification at various points in their academic careers.

    Work Ethic Certification

    Students can earn distinction via PRIDE certification in grades five and eight, and the Work Ethic Certification (WEC) as a senior. The WEC Program is supported by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Governor Eric Holcomb. LCSC is one of a limited number of school corporations to provide this opportunity. Earning these certifications is a way for students to demonstrate that they possess the employability and character skills needed to be successful as they enter post-secondary institutions, apprenticeships, the military, or the workforce.

    Positive Behavior Support

    Students have the opportunity to practice PRIDE on a daily basis. One component of PRIDE is a system to acknowledge and positively reinforce positive behavior. Each school has a PRIDE system in place to ensure positive behavior is recognized and rewarded.