Hattie B. Stokes Elementary

  • Hattie B. Stokes Elementary is located in the city of Lebanon, Indiana. The original Stokes Elementary opened its doors in the 1880’s as Lebanon’s third elementary school. In 2003 students started attending school at the new location in what is now the largest of four elementary schools in the Lebanon Community School Corporation.  The school adopted the full name of one of it's beloved teachers, Ms. Hattie B. Stokes.

    Our student population averages around 500 students, all diverse in economic backgrounds. Classes are offered in grades K-5, as well as life skills, behavioral support, and self-contained classrooms. HBS is one of two Title One schools in Lebanon. Over 200 students receive additional assistance through this program. Opportunities for students to participate in High Ability programming is available as well to all qualifying students.  Federal Report Card

    At HBS, a wide variety of support and services are provided to accommodate all student needs.  Special Education services, including life skills, self-contained classrooms, and inclusion resource, are all available to qualifying students. Response to Intervention, Speech Therapy, and English Learning Language services are available as well.  Student growth is our top priority, and we strive to meet the needs of our students, while encouraging emotional and personal growth. At HBS, we are dedicated to providing a safe and supporting learning atmosphere for all.

    HBS is home to the only Ambassador program in the district.  Student leaders from grades 4 and 5, represent the best and the brightest Hattie B. Stokes has to offer.  They serve as mentors to younger students, role-models to the student body, and teach lifeline lessons every month to each classroom.  Each Ambassador has an adopted classroom, that he/she spends time with daily.  The Ambassador program is an essential element to positive school culture, creating a guide post for all other students. 

    We also have a very unique staff member helping us here at HBS. Shamrock, is our resident therapy dog. He has an outstanding temperament, and loves children.  He and his handler, Ms. Williams, can be seen traveling the halls offering support and encouragement. Shamrock has been trained in basic obedience, as well as offering assistance to children with social/emotional needs.  It wouldn’t be uncommon to see a student reading to Shamrock as well, he is a fantastic listener.


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Hattie B. Stokes Elementary

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