• Transportation Center



    We are excited about the upcoming construction of a new transportation center, a facility crucial for supporting our dedicated transportation department. Bidding is scheduled for November 2023 and we are planning to break ground in spring 2024.  Here's what you can look forward to: 

    • Increased bus parking capacity
    • Convenient access via John Bart Rd. to streamline operations
    • Designated staff parking for improved safety
    • Canopy coverings for buses to protect them from the elements
    • Two covered fueling stations for efficient refueling operations
    • Installation of acoustical barriers, and mounding with trees and greenery to enhance aesthetics and functionality.

    In terms of the floor plan, emphasis has been placed on safety, efficiency, and convenience:

    • Main front area for staff and visitor parking, ensuring easy access
    • Restroom and shower facilities
    • Four service bays for effective maintenance and repairs
    • Adequate space for bus maintenance and repair work
    • Dedicated computer space near service bays to facilitate order and inventory management
    • Ample storage space to organize equipment and supplies effectively
    • Automatic bus wash for convenient cleaning and to improve maintenance costs
    • Thoughtful site design with safety in mind minimizing the need for bus backing