• Harney Groundbreaking


    Harney Elementary broke ground this summer (2023) and is undergoing expansion and interior renovation to better accommodate the growing student population and provide a more modern and comfortable learning environment. These improvements aim to optimize space and enhance educational facilities, ensuring a conducive space for academic growth. Here's what you can look forward to:

    • 5 KG classrooms
    • 4 classrooms of each grade level (1-5)
    • 2 flex classrooms for future growth 
    • 2 resource SPED classroom
    • 1 instructional resource classroom
    • Additional small group instruction and student support flex spaces
    • Expanded main office
    • Expanded cafeteria 
    • New Gymnasium and stage
    • New STEM space
    • SRO office near main office 
    • New bus parking lot 
    • Separate car and bus circulation
    • Improved traffic patterns
    • And more! View site plan and images for Harney Elementary here.