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    On May 3, 2022, residents in Lebanon Community School Corporation will decide whether to replace an expiring referendum and approve a new referendum, increasing funding and flexibility for Lebanon Community School Corporation. The LCSC Board of Trustees unanimously approved holding a referendum following more than two years of gathering and sharing information and soliciting feedback regarding long-range planning for operations and facilities.

    Capital Referendum

    A capital referendum will support construction and renovation of facilities that provide an enriched environment for enhanced learning, opportunity, and achievement. If approved, the breakdown of expenditures will be:

    • 95% for learning spaces, safety, and security, including:
      • Construction of new elementary school
      • Upgrades to K-5 learning spaces
      • Updates to LMS, LHS classrooms and student support facilities
    • 5% district services and operations (e.g. transportation and maintenance)

    Revenue from a capital referendum will not be used for athletics and/or athletic-related facilities.

    Operating Referendum

    An operating referendum will sustain funding for school safety, and support and expand personnel and academic programming.

    Student Safety

    • Necessary to maintain at least one Lebanon Schools Police Department officer in each school building 

    Wages, Salaries, and Benefits

    • Attract and retain employees, including instructional staff and support positions such as food services, maintenance, and transportation staff
    • Sustain current grant-funded positions

    Student Learning + Support

    • Elementary STEM-certified teachers
    • Student support
    • Instructional coaches
  • If Voters APPROVE Both Questions

  • If Voters DO NOT Approve Both Questions

  • Petition Signatures

  • Resources

    All presentations related to the Referendum will be added as they are available.

  • LCSC Funding Information

    Since 2009, local property taxes have not funded direct classroom expenditures in Indiana schools. Property tax revenue can be used for operating expenses such as transportation, building maintenance and repairs, hardware and software, and related staffing. Instructional staff and school administration salaries are funded by the state on a per-student basis. Indiana code prohibits the locally-elected School Board to raise funds and limits the use of funds to specific expenditures. Since 2015, appropriation changes and funding increases outpaced by inflation have impacted LCSC at a loss of nearly $2.2 million.

    2022 Tax Rate Comparison

    LCSC consistently continues to do more with less. In 2019, LCSC had a lower tax rate than 54% of all schools in Indiana and the lowest tax rate in Boone County. We are proud of the value we provide to our taxpayers.

    Tax Rate History

    We continue to manage the challenges, but the opportunity to replace an expiring referendum and seek additional support in order to maintain the quality schools that provide value to all taxpayers in our district.

    Reliable Funding Solutions

    When budgeting, it is prudent to plan ahead, and referendum funds are a reliable revenue source. Like many other schools and businesses, LCSC has received COVID-19 relief funding from the federal government. This funding is limited in use and the timeframe in which we are able to spend it. To learn more about how LCSC has allocated federal relief dollars, please visit https://www.leb.k12.in.us/covid19.

    Preparing for Growth

    A demographic study conducted in 2019 and revised in 2020 predicts an enrollment increase of 1% per year. The study estimates that, conservatively, LCSC should plan for an increase in 300 students over 10 years. The majority of this growth will be in elementary-aged students.

    Demographic study