• 2020 School Board Election

    The Board of Trustees consists of five (5) elected members, elected at large by the district's eligible voters for four (4) year terms. The members are elected from, and must reside in, geographic districts as follows:

    • Center Township VACANCY (1)
    • Perry Township VACANCY (1)
    • Worth Township 
    • At-Large VACANCY (1)

    There are two at-large seats, which may be held by anyone residing in Center, Perry, or Worth townships.

    There are three seats available in the 2020 General Election.

    Meet the Candidates

    Click on each candidate's profile to learn more about him or her.


  • Tad Braner (Center Township)

  • Trey Hendrix (Center Township)

  • Tiffany Jones (Perry Township)

  • Helen Marie Pell (Perry Township)

  • Craig Parks (At-Large)

  • Tomas Wagner (At-Large)

  • Robert Wirey (At-Large)