Facility Use Request

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    The facility use policy creates a clear pathway for groups and organizations inside and outside the community to request permission to use district facilities. As always, school district events and activities take precedence, but if available, groups now have a uniform application process to follow.  Fees are assessed to certain groups based on the facility requested, whether additional staff are needed, and for equipment rental.


    Before beginning a facility use request, each group must read the district “LCSC Use of General School Facilities” policy. If using the Herman B. Wells Community Center, users must read the “Use of Herman B. Wells Community Center” policy. 

    As part of the application process each group is required to acknowledge they have read and understand the terms and limitations of using district facilities. Submitting a request acknowledges the user has read & understands the terms and limitations of using LCSC district facilities. Follow the links below to access the Facility Use Request program. 

    Requests are accepted only through this website.

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