State Assessments

  • IREAD-3

    The purpose of the Indiana Reading Evaluation And Determination (IREAD-3) assessment is to measure foundational reading standards through grade three. Based on the Indiana Academic Standards, IREAD-3 is a summative assessment that was developed in accordance with Public Law 109 which "requires the evaluation of reading skills for students who are in grade three beginning in the Spring of 2012 to ensure that all students can read proficiently before moving on to grade four.  Click here for more IREAD3 Assessment Information 

    ILEARN (Grades 3-8)

    Indiana Learning Evaluation Readiness Network (ILEARN) measures student achievement and growth according to Indiana Academic Standards. ILEARN is the summative accountability assessment for Indiana students and assesses:

    • English/Language Arts (Grades 3-8)
    • Mathematics (Grades 3-8)
    • Science (Grades 4 and 6)
    • Social Studies (Grade 5)
    • Biology (High School)

    Click here for more IDOE ILEARN Assessment Information

    High School Assessment

    Please visit the Indiana Department of Education, Office of Student Assessment website for cohort graduation requirements.