PTO Meetings

  • Meeting time: 6:30pm in PWE Media Center, 2nd Monday of every month unless otherwise noted.

    Some of the PTO functions include: 

    • Scholastic Book fairs
    • Coca-Cola Gives
    • Classroom parties
    • Family Fun Night
    • Silent Auction
    • Box Tops
    • Movie Nights
    • Fall Frolic
    • Di$tance for Dollar$
    • Field Day 

    All of our information about events will be sent home on bright green paper, so keep your eye out for it!

    To contact the PTO:

    Join our Facebook group:

    What does the PTO do for your school?

    It is the PTO’s mission to provide activities that focus on strengthening the community of Perry-Worth by creating opportunities for staff and student, student and student and families to interact before, during and after school.  The PTO does not sell items in order to fund various teachers, student and school needs.  Instead, they will provide experiences for the staff, students and families to engage in what will enhance the community aspect of Perry-Worth while collecting the monies needed to provide the staff and students with expanded learning opportunities such as advanced technology, field trips, in classroom objects and learning programs. 

    You are the most important person in your child’s educational life. Being able to be involved in the PTO will benefit you and your child.

    The PTO meetings are open to all who want to come and find out information of how they can be involved.   If you need more information or would like to share an idea during a non-public meeting time, please contact a PTO board member.