Harney Elementary Front Entrance
  • Mission Statement

    Harney Elementary Staff expects that school is a priority. Everyone in the community and school is responsible to help students learn to their potential and understand their civic responsibility necessary for a career after graduation of high school, trade school, or college to be a citizen of the United States of America.

  • About Harney Elementary...

    Harney Elementary School will be 60 years old in 2017. Construction on the building began in 1956 through the aid of the Veterans Memorial School Construction Fund. Over time, Harney has experienced tremendous growth, with additions and renovations occurring in 1962, 1989, and 2001. As we grow into the millennium, many changes in the infrastructure and technology have brought forth many new ways to instruct our students. We are a school that is student-centered with a positive school climate. For our PK-5 students and community. Federal Report Card

  • Our Success

    We have many activities available for students.

    We have a great community support system.

    We have a highly qualified staff.

    We have a positive school climate and culture.

    We have maintained an A-B rating since inception of grades in 2009.

    We outperform the state consistently on ISTEP+ E/LA and Math.