• Work Ethic Certification

    LCSC believes all students need to master work ethic skills in order to reach their full potential.  As a district, we have implemented the PRIDE program to practice and positively reinforce these attributes.  

    As part of our Career Engagement initiative, students have the opportunity to earn the PRIDE Work Ethic Certification at the end of their elementary, middle, and high school careers.  All students in 5th, 8th and 12th grades are eligible to pursue the certificate.  Data collection begins in September.  Students are responsible for submitting their documentation of community service hours no later than May 1.  Documentation should be submitted by visiting www.leb.k12.in.us/WECservicehours.

    Through this opportunity, students will gain an understanding of necessary employability skills for today’s in-demand jobs and have an opportunity to demonstrate these skills throughout life.  Certificate holders will receive additional incentives for their achievement.  Seniors who earn the PRIDE Work Ethic Certification also earn the distinction of being a recipient of the Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate.  Additional details about the state level certification can be found at www.in.gov/dwd/gwec/. 

Competencies and Certification Resources

  • Grade-Level Competency Overview

  • Community Service

  • Employer Partners

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