• One aspect of our Career Readiness Initiative is the Senior Work Ethic Certification (WEC) program.  The certification program is not only supported by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, but also by the governor of Indiana.  Earning this certificate is a way for students to demonstrate that they possess the employability and character skills needed to be successful as they enter post-secondary institutions, apprenticeships, the military, or the workforce.

    Students receiving the Senior WEC are measured in areas of academic and work ethic competency.  Information will be obtained from Skyward, our student management system to indicate competency in the measurable areas listed below.

    PRIDE Criteria

    • Persistence: Student is able to persevere through challenges and problem-solve.
    • Respectfulness: Student accepts and demonstrates service to others, possesses a positive attitude and communicates clearly.
    • Initiative: Student is a self-starter and a critical thinker
    • Dependability: Student is reliable and demonstrates responsibility and teamwork. Student also demonstrates academic readiness.
    • Efficiency: Student is organized, punctual and demonstrates self- management.


    • Academic Readiness: Student has a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and will have met criteria for graduation.
    • Community Service: Student has submitted documentation of a minimum of six hours of community service this school year by the set deadline.
    • PRIDE Score: Student has an average PRIDE score of 2.7 or higher and received recommendation from building level PRIDE committee.
    • Reliability Attendance Rate: The total composite of student attendance is 98% or higher AND has four or fewer times tardy to school.
    • Responsibility: Student has one or fewer discipline referrals for the school year.