• Transfer Students

    LCSC accepts transfer students and recognizes two types of transfer request. Additional information about each type, as well as the application, can be found below.

  • Out-of-District Transfers

    We are currently accepting students who reside outside of LCSC boundaries.

    Students who reside outside of district boundaries, but wish to attend any LCSC school are eligible to apply for Out-of-District Transfer. Complete the Out-of-District Student Transfer application in full and return to the LCSC Office of Student Enrollment, located at the LCSC Administration Center.

  • Resident Student Transfers

    (Formerly known as Open Enrollment) Students who reside within district boundaries, but wish to attend a different elementary school than their assigned school are eligible to apply for Resident Student Transfer. Resident Student Transfer Requests can be submitted by parents or guardians allow parents or guardians who wish for their child to attend a different LCSC elementary school than the school to which they are assigned. A limited number of applications are accepted every year.


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  • Contact Us

    The Office of Student Enrollment is located at the LCSC Administration Center.

    LCSC Administration Center
    1810 N. Grant Street
    Lebanon, IN 46052