Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: How will the iPad be utilized in the classroom?

    A: Computer technology is utilized in the classroom for a variety of instructional assignments including research, creative writing and PowerPoint displays, as well as assessments (both formative and summative). Students also access a variety of online resources to support their learning of academic content.

    The Blended Learning approach is a mixture of traditional face-to-face direct instruction and technology and online learning. Student engagement, enhanced student and teacher interaction, student time management and flexibility and improved learning outcomes have been associated with the Blended Learning model.   

    Q: Will this device be tied to a student for the entire year?

    A: It is a common practice to assign a student a specific technology device to utilize each day. This topic will be discussed further among district elementary administrators to determine a consistent framework.

    Q: How will student training be implemented?

    A: District elementary administration will determine expectations for student training across the district.

    Q: What are the essential educational applications that students will use?

    A: There are a plethora of outstanding educational applications that exist for the iPad – many of which are free of charge. Elementary administrators see the value in working with their building level professional educators in determining the selection of applications that support their individual school’s educational programming needs. 

    The process for approval by the building administrator will include an application.  This application will include a description and justification.  Canvas will be utilized to monitor and review these applications.  Each week the building principal will review and determine the appropriateness of each app request.  Upon the approval and deployment of an app, the

    information, justification, as well as the teacher’s name will be uploaded to the grade level folder on Canvas.  This folder is viewable throughout the district by that grade level as well as the grade level above and below.  The teacher’s name will be included as a district resource for implementation and guidance for other teachers.  If an app is denied, it will be added to a list, also housed on Canvas, which teachers can refer to when seeking quality apps for their students.

    Q: How will teachers manage devices and accountability of students? (i.e. Apple Classroom)

    A: Teachers will have access to iPad tools such as Apple Classroom that allows teachers to monitor student engagement digitally. Teachers have the ability to guide students through lessons, watch their progress and assist students in keeping on track, all via the Apple Classroom digital application.

     Q: Is Lebanon Community School Corporation replacing textbooks with digital content?

    A: Providing a blend of traditional educational best practice with the best possible digital applications and resources will help prepare and support our students to become engaged and productive citizens in the 21st Century.


    Q: How will you keep my child safe from inappropriate content?

    A: LCSC have technology “firewalls” in place to filter and block inappropriate content from student use. Student searches are continually monitored and any concerning student activity is reported to school administration.

    Q: What instruction is provided to safeguard students from inappropriate use of technology?

    A:  Throughout the school year, Digital Citizenship lessons are incorporated across grade levels. LCSC schools will be utilizing the following programming: 


    Q: How can I learn more about iPads and their use?

    A: You can access the following Apple website to learn more:


    Apple Educational Resources:

    McGraw-Hill Education (Webinar) Leveraging Personalized Learning Curricula in K-12 Schools

    Noblesville Schools Technology and Learning Website: