Student iPads

  • Each student in kindergarten through 5th grade will receive an LCSC iPad and accessories for the school year. The student who is issued the computer and other technology equipment is responsible for it.

    iPads are collected at the end of each school year and reissued the following year.


    The iPad was chosen for it's unique ability to design interactive and engaging experiences to enhance learning. It allows students to learn at their own pace and communicate, create, and explore in ways they never have before. The following benefits were key in the decision-making process:

    • The iPad can transform into almost any tool students need—a camera, a book, a drawing canvas, a voice recorder, a math manipulative, a translator and more.
    • iPads are small and light with a simple, intuitive interface that allows even very young students to undertake tasks independently.
    • Direct interaction with content on the iPad is highly engaging for elementary-age learners. Even nonreaders can instantly interact with the iPad by listening, watching, drawing, recording audio, taking photos and recording video.
    • iPads allow for the enhancement of learning and engaging young students, while not distracting from the educational content.
    • iPads help to support the learning of the whole child including physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language abilities.

    iPads will be integrated into both classroom instruction and assessment. 


    Each student iPad will be secured in the Logitech Rugged Combo case, designed to protect the iPads from drops on hard surfaces. Despite the protective case, accidents can still happen. In the event of screen damage, the iPads are under warranty, which allows for two screen replacements without incurring a cost to families. Additional damaged will be assessed a fee for repair or replacement.

    Information about insurance will be available to all parents prior to distribution of iPads.