• Employees

    Employees wishing to promote or share information about school-related events, activities, and accomplishments should complete the Promotional Services Request Form. Please note the following requirements: 

    1. Requests should be submitted at least five business days prior to the project start date.
    2. Project must be approved by your building and/or department administrator.
    Images or flyers should be high-resolution and adhere to LCSC Brand + Style Guide, if applicable. Photos should include captions (see LCSC Brand + Style Guide for assistance). Photos/images can also be sent via email to communications@leb.k12.in.us; this form must still be completed. Please note: files sent via Facebook messaging, etc. will not be accepted.
    Email Submission
    You may download the form and submit, along with attachments, via email to communications@leb.k12.in.us.

    Social Media Promotion
    Submitting for social media only? You do not need to submit this form! Tag us on Facebook (LebanonSchools) or mention us on Twitter (@Lebanon_Schools) and we will share your post. Posts must be public and shared from a professional or organizational page/account.

    If you would like a consultation, or need assistance, please call 765-482-0380 ext. 31822.

    Community Organizations

    If you would like to submit information for the community folder, please see our Submissions page.