• Visiting One of Our Schools? Welcome!

    Upon entering any building, visitors must report to the office, sign in using their driver's license and be issued a visitor’s badge. Please use only the front door, as all other doors will be locked. Please note that anyone wishing to enter wishing to enter the building during the school day must adhere to new secured entrance procedures.

    Single Secure Point of Entry

    The Single Secure Point of Entry (SSPE) Policy is in effect at all LCSC schools and facilities beginning August 1, 2018. 

    Any visitor (including students) arriving to school after the school day has begun should report to the main entrance. Visitors should press the button to notify the office staff of their arrival. Visitors will be asked to state their name, the purpose of their visit and/or any school personnel they wish to see. 

    In addition to the SSPE, all buildings have established a designated time for general student access to ensure proper supervision of all students. No students will be permitted to enter the building prior to this designated time.


  • Anyone wishing to volunteer must complete the following prior to volunteering or chaperoning with LCSC: