High Ability Services

  • Cluster classrooms are provided at each grade level in LCSC elementary schools. The cluster classrooms have teachers who are trained in differentiating the instruction to meet the needs of the high ability students. In addition, depending on individual student needs, the elementary students have the opportunity for vertical articulation to other grade levels for the designated academic area for additional need in acceleration. There is a recommended curriculum at each grade level for cluster teachers to access.

    At the middle school level, high ability students are placed in academic classes according to their need. High ability classes are offered at each level in the areas of English, math, social studies and science. The curriculum in the high ability classes is higher level, faster paced, and deeper in content than the general education course of the same topic.

    Lebanon High School offers honors classes, AP classes, dual enrollment, and technical honors. These courses challenge high ability students and prepare them for their continued advanced studies at a post-secondary institution.