Weighted Grades Policy

  • The purpose of weighted grades is to encourage our students to enroll in our most rigorous academic courses in order to maximize preparation for their post-secondary education.

    Weighted Grade Qualification:

    In order to receive the additional weighted points, a student must complete the course with a semester grade of a C- or higher.

    ACP – Advanced College Project dual credit course offered at Lebanon High School through an articulation agreement with Indiana University.
    AP Courses – Advanced Placement (AP) courses approved through the College Board.
    Core Courses – Courses taught by the Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, and World Language departments.
    Dual Credit Courses – Courses offered for credit by an accredited post-secondary institution through an adjunct agreement with Lebanon High School. The courses will be taught at LHS, and credit for the courses must appear on a college transcript with the intent of transferable credits to a 4-year institution. Elective Courses – Courses taught in all other departments not listed as Core Courses.
    Formula - The weight from a weighted course will be added to the GPA prior to averaging of the GPA.

    Tier 1 (no weight)

    Diploma Track Courses not listed in Tier 2 or Tier 3

    Tier 2 (0.5 weight per semester)

    Courses denoted as Honors (H)
    2-year Institution Dual Credit Courses – all departments
    4-year Institution Dual Credit Courses taught in elective departments Elective AP Courses

    There is a maximum of three (3) weighted courses that can be identified in an elective department.

    Current Tier 2 Qualified Courses:
    Algebra II (H), Geometry (H), Pre-Calculus (H), English 9, 10, and 11 (H), Physics (L)(H), Economics (AHD)(H), Topics in History (H), United States History (H), Advanced Life Science – Animals (L), Advanced Life Science – Food (L), Advanced Life Science – Plant and Soil (L)

    Tier 3 (1.0 weight per semester)

    AP – Core Department Courses
    ACP – Core Department Courses
    4 year dual credit courses – core departments

    Current Tier 3 Qualified Courses:
    ACP English – W131 and A202, Calculus AB (AP), Statistics (AP), Information Technology: Computer Science A (AP), Chemistry (L) (AP), Environmental Science (L) (AP), United States Government and Politics (AP)