• Official Statement for Parents and Guardians: Use of Zoom

    During COVID-19, LCSC has determined that the use of some currently restricted technology applications may be released for student and classroom use. Zoom is a video conferencing application used by many businesses and some colleges and K-12 educational institutions.  

    While Zoom has advantages compared to some applications, such as the ability to meet with a large number of participants, the open and free use of Zoom does come with some risks. While no online application is 100% secure, we believe it is our responsibility to make our student technology devices and applications as safe as possible. Therefore, the LCSC Administration and Technology Departments have been working on a solution to allow Zoom to be used by classroom teachers to interact in real time with students.  

    Security Settings

    Some steps we have taken to protect our students include: 

    1. Limiting accounts so that only classroom teachers may host a meeting; 
    2. Restricting meeting settings to allow only the host to share his or her screen; 
    3. Requiring host’s permission for any other users to share a screen; 
    4. Utilizing waiting rooms, allowing attendees to join only with host approval. 

    It is important to note that these security settings apply only to LCSC-issued devices. If you allow your child to utilize Zoom on personal devices, we strongly recommend that you replicate these settings. 

    Policies and Statements

    We have included links to Zoom's recent statement regarding user safety and privacy, as well as relevant LCSC policies. All students and staff are required to adhere to these policies at all times. We encourage students, staff, parents, and guardians to review this information carefully.

    Opting Out of Zoom

    Beginning on Tuesday, April 14, Zoom will be available to students for classroom use. If you do not wish for your child to use Zoom, please contact the eLearning Help Desk by email (elearning@leb.k12.in.us) or phone (765-335-2120). We will provide your information to your child’s teacher. 

    You may also contact the eLearning Help Desk if you have questions regarding Zoom or any other eLearning activity or application.