• LCSC Celebrates Tiger PRIDE Champions

    The Tiger PRIDE Champion award is given to individuals who display persistence, respectfulness, initiative, dependability and efficiency. LCSC recognizes three types of PRIDE Champions:

    • Student PRIDE Champions: One student in grades 5th, 8th, or 12th grade students, selected by their school's teachers and/or administrators.
    • Community PRIDE Champions: Community members, parents, businesses, and/or organizations.
    • Employee PRIDE Champions: Classified staff members selected by their supervisor.
  • April 2023

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 4/18/2023 7:30:00 PM



    Lebanon High School—Alex Emenhiser

    Nominated by LHS Staff


    Alex is an exceptional young man. He is an ideal representative of LHS and the PRIDE program. Alex is an actively involved student-athlete who always gives his best effort while being very supportive of his peers. Academically, Alex is ranked second in a very competitive academic class while undertaking an incredibly rigorous schedule. In addition to being a high-achieving student, he is a two-time captain and first-team all-conference standout on our cross-country team, a two-time all-conference member of the golf team, a DECA International Competition qualifier, an Eagle Scout, a very involved member of many school clubs. As evidence of Alex's comprehensive success as an LHS Student, Alex was recently informed that he is one of 12 seniors in the state of Indiana to be awarded the prestigious IHSAA Eugene Cato Scholarship. 


    Lebanon High School—Ella Johnson

    Nominated by LHS Staff


    Ella embodies the ideals of PRIDE in all that she does at LHS. Academically, Ella is intelligent, motivated, persistent, and high-achieving, as evidenced by her 4.6 GPA, 1590 SAT score, all 5's on her AP exams, and recognition of being an Indiana Academic All-Star and National Merit Finalist. Ella is also very active in the band and serving as the Drum Major this year, maintains several leadership roles through school clubs and organizations, and most importantly is kind, considerate, and respectful at all times. Her dedication and hard work has resulted in her recent acceptance into Washington University in St. Louis. 


    Lebanon Middle School—Jayden Salter

    Nominated by Team SWAG 


    Jayden is an incredible young man who demonstrates PRIDE in many ways at LMS. He is an integral part of PBIS. He can be counted on to do numerous jobs that require initiative and personal responsibility. Jayden is also a rock star in the classroom. He consistently does his best, asks thoughtful questions, comes prepared, and gives his best 100 percent of the time. Jayden is a personable young man always with a smile and a quick "how are you" in the hallways. Jayden is a person of integrity and one to be admired by his fellow classmates.  


    Lebanon Middle School—Lillian Fulkerson

    Nominated by Team Bulldog


    Lillian consistently demonstrates PRIDE on a daily basis. She is self-motivated and driven to succeed. Lillian is involved in multiple sports and other extracurricular organizations. As she strives to excel, she is kind and helpful as she supports and advocates for others. Lillian is respectful, honest, and the type of student that teachers love to have in their classrooms. 

    Central—Sofia Gilmanov

    Nominated by Kim Lahrman


    There is no better example of Tiger PRIDE than Sofia. She has the best attitude toward life and learning. Taking initiative is an innate behavior. It is not uncommon to find her researching beyond lessons taught in class or things going on in the world around us. For example, when we read an article about particles of matter in class, she followed up by looking for articles that she could read about this topic during independent work time. When her family drove through the recent tornado destruction on her way home from spring break, she began reading about what exactly caused the destruction and what the community was doing to help those in need. Not only does she learn about these events, she wants to help. When joining the Student Lighthouse Team in August, she came up with a strong desire to use this opportunity to help Ukraine. With persistence, she has rounded up the help of teachers and students to form her own action team. They synergized to create a school advertisement and a fundraiser to help people in need across the globe. Sofia knows that balance is best and her life goals always encompass taking care of her body, mind, soul and heart. She is humble. She is kind. She is creative. She is most deserving of this award! 


    Harney—Jackson Hepfer

    Nominated by Debbie Boggess


    Although Jackson has a quiet demeanor, he shows leadership skills daily by being a Harney Ambassador and preschool helper. He works through challenges both personally and academically by being a problem solver, self-motivated, and having an open-mind. He is considerate, respectful, and courteous when interacting with both peers and adults. Jackson is one of the first people to offer help when someone else is in need. Jackson deserves this award because he is an exemplary young man in so many ways. Keep up the good work, Jackson. We are proud of you!


    Hattie B. Stokes—Kaydessa Timberlake

    Nominated by Jill Hardee


    Thomas Edison once said, "An opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed in overalls, and looks like work." Kaydessa is not one to miss opportunities. She doesn't shy away from hard work. When she was given the opportunity to show her ability in math by taking an additional test, she was excited about it. As a student ambassador, she is a leader in the school, but even outside of that role, in her everyday tasks, she is a leader. She is always happy to help a fellow student. Her work is thorough and accurate. She is not one for bare minimums; she always goes above and beyond. Her positive attitude, willingness to help, and her work ethic make her a PRIDE champion.


    Perry-Worth—Evan Conerty

    Nominated by Emily Vanatsky


    Evan is a great example of a model student. He is dependable and is always completing his work on time and at his highest ability level. No matter what the activity is, Evan will also be putting forth his best effort and will turn in quality work. Teachers can trust that Evan will set a good example for others to follow, even when no one is watching. He is respectful to all staff and students that he interacts with and makes everyone feel welcome and included. Evan is a dependable student and who will help lead others to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Evan is not afraid of failing and will keep trying until he gets something right. His teacher shared, “I have loved getting to watch and even grow up as a student and a leader this school year.”

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  • March 2023

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 3/21/2023 7:30:00 PM


    Lebanon High School—Aaliyah Carlisle

    Nominated by LHS Staff


    Aaliyah is an ideal representative of the Tiger PRIDE Champion award as she models great character, is friendly and personable to all, and she whole-heartedly gives her best effort in all that she does. She is a straight “A” student who maintains a weighted GPA of over 4.5 while taking five AP classes as a senior along with other honors and dual credit courses. Aaliyah also excels outside the classroom as President of Sunshine, Vice-President of FFA, a Key Club Class Representative, Captain of the English Academic Team, and as a varsity tennis player. She also finds time to work as a Lifeguard at the Witham YMCA. Aaliyah exemplifies the attributes of outstanding character, integrity, and citizenship. Her dedication and hard work have resulted in her acceptance into the Purdue University College of Engineering. Congratulations Aaliyah on being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.



    Lebanon High School—Ronaldo Bernal-Santos

    Nominated by LHS Staff


    Ronaldo is an exceptional young man who represents Lebanon High School in a very positive manner at all times. He is an actively involved student leader who exhibits all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does. Academically, Ronaldo is a very high-achieving student, as evidenced by his Top 20 class rank and his recent acceptance as a Direct Admit to Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Besides being an excellent student, Ronaldo is a committed servant leader, as he demonstrates through his service as President of Key Club, a member of Class Council Candelabrum, and a member of the Leadership Team for LHS Student Ambassadors. He is respected for his work as a Communications Intern through his Work-Based Learning experience at the LCSC Administration Center, and is also greatly respected and appreciated by his peers and teachers. Congratulations Ronaldo Bernal-Santos for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.



    Lebanon Middle School—Hadley Warren

    Nominated by Team SWAG


    Team SWAG is honored to recognize Hadley Warren as Tiger PRIDE Champion for March. Hadley consistently demonstrates PRIDE on a daily basis. Hadley exhibits leadership skills in many areas, including but not limited to FFA, sports, and PBIS. She is one of the first to volunteer with PBIS and always does her PBIS job right the first time. Hadley continually goes the extra mile to help students and staff. Hadley is kind to everyone and has an infectious smile, as well as a positive attitude. Hadley excels in the classroom as she always completes her assignments on time and regularly does well on tests and quizzes. Hadley's teachers appreciate all the hard work and dedication! Keep it up Hadley, we are proud of you!


    Lebanon Middle School—Sophia Kyker

    Nominated by Team Bulldog


    It is with great enthusiasm that we recognize Sophie Kyker as a Tiger PRIDE Champion for LMS. Sophie is a driven leader who is always exhibiting PRIDE inside and outside of the classroom. Sophie is always focused on growing both educationally and personally. Sophie takes initiative to better herself and those around her. Sophie is often seen lending a helping hand to her peers and teachers. Excellence is not only in herself but those she works with. Sophie is a leader in the classroom, on the court, and in extracurricular organizations such as FFA and PBIS. Sophie is always one of the first to step up and volunteer for whatever task is at hand! Sophie is the definition of a Tiger PRIDE Champion!  Congratulations Sophie!  


    Central—Chloe Carrell

    Nominated by Diana Shirley


    Chloe Carrell is a leader who consistently displays all the aspects of Tiger PRIDE. She is extremely organized, efficient, and dependable. Her teacher, Mrs. Shirley shared that “Chloe willingly and happily helped a new student get acclimated to our classroom over the last few weeks.” She sets a great example for her peers regardless of who is around her. Chloe strives to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Throughout the year, Chloe has shown a tremendous amount of growth, not only in her academics, but more importantly, in the confidence she has gained in herself. She is a fantastic listener and is always willing to serve others with her positive attitude. Central is proud to honor you as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!


    Harney—Abby Ward

    Nominated by Debbie Boggess


    Abby embodies the ideals of PRIDE in all that she does. She comes to school every day with a smile on her face and acceptance in her heart. She is always organized, ready to learn, and willing to accept a challenge. Her attitude is positive, no matter what task she is given. Abby is the first to jump in and help both adults and students in the Harney House. Abby is a true delight, respectful, and honest. Congratulations Abby, you deserve this honor!


    Hattie B. Stokes—Aspyn Lakia

    Nominated by Jill Hardee


    Aspyn’s teacher, Ms. Hardee shared “what an absolute joy it is to recognize a student who brings all of us so much joy!”  Aspyn is everything a PRIDE Champion should be, a leader in the student ambassador program, and a strong, hard-working student. But, it's her joy of life that really sets her apart. Aspyn has the rare ability to see the good in anything from an assignment to people. She brings joy to the classroom every day. She makes her classmates laugh, she cheers them on, and she rallies behind them when they are struggling. Aspyn sees every activity as an opportunity. Her positivity is contagious and she hasn't found a student who she can't win over. She is an asset to any classroom.  Congratulations Aspyn, we are proud of you!



    Perry-Worth—Aspyn Rozwalka

    Nominated by Katie Mezo


    Aspyn works hard on her class work, is a respected part of the classroom community, and a dedicated helper to all. Mrs. Mezo said, “I can count on her to help others get caught up when they’ve been out of the room, read with students that need some assistance, and complete classroom jobs with excellence. Aspyn holds herself to a higher standard than expected even when no one is looking. She is a pleasure to have in class and I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to be her teacher this year!”  Perry-Worth is proud to recognize Aspyn as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!


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  • February 2023

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 2/21/2023 7:30:00 PM



    Lebanon High School—Johara El-Shahat

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Johara embodies the ideals of PRIDE in all that she does. She is intelligent, responsible, hardworking, friendly, welcoming, and very determined. She cares about her peers and the community as a whole, as evidenced by her internship placement and desire to pursue a bachelors and masters' in the field of Social Work. Johara is an actively involved student, who makes it a priority to lead and serve. She has started two clubs while at LHS, is a class council member and a leader for the LHS Student Ambassadors, Thirst Project, National Honor Society, and our award-winning show choir. There is no doubt that LHS is a better place because of Johara. It is our pleasure to celebrate Johara El-Shahat as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


    Lebanon High School—Samuel Piper

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Sam consistently represents all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does as an actively involved student-athlete. Sam is a very intelligent and hard-working young man, as evidenced by a 4.5 weighted GPA, his class rank of 6 out of 254 seniors, and the rigorous academic schedule that he is taking. However, Samuel is more than a high-achieving student in the classroom. He is caring and compassionate toward others, he is introspective and often listens to others before he speaks, and has a sincere servant leader disposition. He is a three-sport athlete at LHS as a member of the Cross County, Swimming, and Track teams, in addition to being a talented musician in the band, and he is very involved in several school clubs and organizations. The high school staff recognizes and appreciates Samuel for the way he treats others with genuine respect and concern. Congratulations to Samuel Piper for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE champion.


    Lebanon Middle School—Ellie Cooper

    Nominated by Team SWAG 

    Ellie is an amazing young lady who demonstrates Tiger PRIDE on a daily basis. She shows initiative and dependability through her work through PBIS. She routinely asks what she can do to help with PBIS and does it right the first time. Ellie is also very respectful to her fellow students, teachers and staff of Lebanon Middle School. Ellie is very involved in sports and 4-H. Even though she is busy most nights of the week with some activity, Ellie completes her assignments on time and regularly does well on tests and quizzes. Ellie's teachers appreciate her quiet manner and infectious smile.  Keep up the hard work Ellie!


    Lebanon Middle School—Steven Rezkalla

    Nominated by Team Bulldog

    Steven is the epitome of PRIDE – he works hard, advocates for himself and is consistent in achieving excellence in his work.  Steven is very considerate of everyone around him, showing respect and kindness to everyone. He is a conscientious worker that has lofty goals that the Bulldog team is confident he will rise to achieve. Steven is a student that everyone loves and cheers for to succeed. We are very proud to recognize Steven as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


    Central—Jamie Creek

    Nominated by Keanna Stamm

    Jamie is an outstanding student who continues to strive for excellence. Jamie synergizes with any and everyone of his peers. His "Think-Win-Win" attitude proves he is a true team player, and is willing to influence and develop a deeper understanding of others. Jamie prioritizes his most important goals instead of constantly reacting to things that are outside of his Circle of Control. Congratulations, Jamie, you deserve it!   


    Harney—Grayson Smallfelt

    Nominated by Morgan Glendenning

    Grayson is consistently showing PRIDE in and out of the classroom every single day. He works hard and you can always count on him to be doing the right thing, even when an adult isn't present. Grayson's work ethic is outstanding - even when things start to become a challenge. He is always a helping hand, kind, respectful, and organized. Grayson doesn't just take pride in his school work, but how he treats others and how others look up to him.  Way to go Grayson, keep it up!


    Hattie B. Stokes—Jada Sweatt

    Nominated by Heather Burress

    Jada demonstrates PRIDE daily at Hattie B. Stokes.  In addition to focusing on her own learning, she spends time tutoring others in math and writing, plus she is a leader in the math challenge group. Jada shows initiative in her learning and does not give up when presented with a challenge. She comes to school ready to learn, and shows responsibility for herself as well as her learning club. Jada keeps her desk, binder, and assignments organized. She turns her assignments in on time and works hard to meet her weekly goals. She is a joy to be around and is the embodiment of a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


    Perry-Worth—Hudson Howard

    Nominated by Ryan Christopher

    Hudson is a student that Mr. Christopher can depend on. He is always willing to help with anything that is needed, in or out of the classroom daily. He puts his best effort into everything that he does academically. Hudson is a friend to every student that he meets, always willing to support others or help them in any way! He goes the extra mile for people every chance that he gets! Hudson’s reason for wanting to join Student Services this year captures his heart best; “I want to show other students at Perry-Worth how to be good students by helping others, then they will know how to help others too!” Thank you Hudson for inspiring all of us with your kind-hearted attitude!

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  • December 2022

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 12/13/2022 7:30:00 PM


    Lebanon High School—Josephine (JoJo) Morrison

    The staff at LHS is proud to recognize Jo Jo Morison as an LCSC Tiger PRIDE Champion. JoJo is is an ideal representative of all the characteristics of PRIDE in all that she does. She is intelligent, responsible, kind, brave, and takes a great deal of initiative. She is a determined advocate for others, and she is quick to help those around her in need of encouragement and support. She is a high-achieving student, as evidenced by her top 20 class rank, and she is also a dedicated servant leader, as evidenced by the great work she does as the stage manager for many of our musical and theatrical productions. As an example, she recently did an exceptional job as the stage manager for the LHS musical Grease. JoJo is also highly respected by the members of the Lebanon Mayors office where she is interning and currently working on an eWaste project for the City of Lebanon. It is a pleasure to recommend JoJo as a Tiger PRIDE Champion. She is very deserving of this honor and recognition.

    Lebanon High School—Gabe Shores

    LHS is very proud to recognize Gabe Shores as a Tiger PRIDE Champion. Gabe is an exceptionally polite, respectful, compassionate, and intelligent young man. He is a 4.0 student who is taking an incredibly difficult academic schedule as a senior consisting of 5 AP courses, a dual credit English course through Indiana University, and an Advanced Band class while earning straight A's in all his classes. He is also highly respected by the teachers at LHS for always being considerate and caring for others. Gabe values and respects his peers and staff members in all he does. Whether in the classroom, as a member of the LHS Band, or through the other ways he represents LHS and the community, you can always count on Gabe for being a positive example and influence. Congratulations to Gabe Shores for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE champion.

    Lebanon Middle School—Mya Nelson

    Mya was unanimously chosen by the Bulldog team as our Tiger PRIDE Champion. She is always exhibiting PRIDE inside and outside of the classroom. Mya is the first to take initiative in offering to assist her peers and teachers whenever they need a hand. She exhibits a positive attitude while expecting the most out of herself and her peers. Excellence is not only in herself but those she works with. Mya has an amazing work ethic, asks questions, and continues to better herself in everything she is a part of at school. Mya thrives when she is challenged and strives to reach her full potential while being a leader not only in the classroom but on the volleyball and basketball court, member of FFA and PBIS. Mya is very motivated to excel and achieve success!

    Lebanon Middle School—Kinley Young

    Team SWAG is honored to announce Kinley Young as our PRIDE Champion.  Kinley is an amazing young lady who teachers can count on.  She demonstrates PRIDE is many ways, including but not limited to taking initiative while helping with PBIS.   She also shows dependability and efficiency as she is very involved in volleyball, all the while, maintaining good grades. Kinley is a student who is always taking initiative to lead others and herself. Kinley is currently an LMS FFA Officer, and is always one of the first to take the lead. She gives a warm smile to others and makes everyone feel included. Kinley is a motivated and positive young lady. She is eager to learn and is willing to try any activity. She asks questions when she needs to and always tries her best.  Congratulations Kinley, keep up the great work!

    Central—Gabby West

    Gabby is a model PRIDE student.  Consistently, you will find that Gabby works with persistence to complete her work to her best ability. She doesn't give up on tough math problems and will search through the text to find evidence to back written answers in reading.  She shows respect to her fellow classmates and staff members at school.  During group projects, Gabby listens to other's ideas and synergizes with her team to use the best of all the ideas on the table. Most importantly, we see Gabby consistently acting as a leader at Central Elementary. When helping in the office, eating lunch with her friends, helping her first grade buddy, or learning in the classroom, Gabby leads by example. Her gentle leadership shows a maturity beyond her years.  It is our pleasure to honor her with the PRIDE Championship award.

    Harney—Natalie Hardin

    Natalie has been selected as the Harney Tiger PRIDE Champion based on her actions in and out of the classroom.  She is a very kind student who is always setting the best example for others.  Natalie shows respect for her classmates by staying on topic in her work and being efficient in the time that it takes her to do her tasks.  As a teacher, I can depend on Natalie to always know what she needs to do when she walks into the classroom, whether it is in the morning, after specials, or after lunch.  She is an outstanding role model for others and takes an enormous amount of pride in her work and character.  Way to go Natalie, your Harney family is proud of you!

    Hattie B. Stokes—Emely Velasco Nieves

    Emely is the kind of student that other students want to emulate. She sets an example of the type of friend she is to others by being kind and helpful to everyone. Each morning, Emely comes in with a smile and greets the teacher and other students. Emely is hard-working and meticulous in her school work. When working with a teammate or partner who is struggling with an activity, she shows grace and is always ready to help.  Outside of the classroom, her leadership shines through her role as a student ambassador. She will be a leader in academics as well as character.  Emely is going to go on to do amazing things in the future, not only academically but also as a person.  Hattie B. Stokes is proud to celebrate Emely as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!

    Perry-Worth—Delilah Ramsey

    Delilah is a perfect representation for PRIDE at Perry-Worth. She is very selfless and is always thinking of others first. She includes all of her peers and is a leader to make sure everyone feels welcome and loved in class. She is always working hard on all of her work. She is able to bounce back from getting an answer wrong and sees it as a learning experience and will not let it stop her from trying again.  Delilah is always willing to help others out with something they do not understand or if they need help completing a task. Delilah comes into school every day smiling and ready to learn. She sees each day as a new opportunity to learn something new and is always asking questions that get everyone thinking (even her teacher!). Her work ethic is unmatched, and she is always giving 110% on everything she does. Keep up the hard work, Delilah!

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  • November 2022

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 11/15/2022 7:30:00 PM









    Lebanon High School—Jada Stitch

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    The staff at LHS is very proud to recognize Jada Stitch as an LCSC Tiger Pride Champion. Jada is an exceptional student at LHS, and exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE through her interactions with her peers and high school staff. Academically, Jada demonstrates PRIDE through her 4.1 weighted GPA while taking a rigorous academic schedule. She consistently demonstrates persistence and initiative in the classroom, and is always respectful, kind, and encouraging to her peers. Her respectfulness and dependability while representing LHS and the community is recognized and appreciated. In all that she does, Jada embodies the ideals of PRIDE as a true servant leader in our school and community. Congratulations, Jada for exemplifying what it means to be a Tiger Pride Champion.


    Lebanon High School—Ben Waskom

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    LHS is very proud to recognize Ben Waskom as an LCSC Tiger Pride Champion. Ben is an exceptional young man that exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does. He is a very goal-oriented young man who pushes himself to reach his immense potential through an unwavering commitment to the characteristics exhibited in PRIDE. While Ben has a great deal of natural ability, he also has a great work ethic. He has high expectations for himself academically and personally through his character. Ben is a young man with great character, integrity, and compassion for others. He always treats others with genuine kindness and respect. He is respectful and considerate to all those he encounters, and has represented the and the community with great PRIDE. Congratulations to Ben Waskom for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


    Lebanon Middle School—Jaxen Peterson

    Nominated by Team SWAG 

    Shannon Cooper, Kathy Dunshee, Deanna Hood, Amanda Skobel,

    Aaron Vaughn, Maggie Whitworth

    Jaxen exemplifies what it means to be a Tiger Pride Champion.  He demonstrates persistence by always doing his best in the classroom and asks questions if he needs clarification.  Jaxen is always respectful to the teachers and staff at the middle school, as well as he fellow peers.  Jaxen is dependable.  Teachers can rely on him to be a leader, albeit a quiet one.  Jaxen leads by example, by doing his best, completing his work, and being kind to everyone.  We are proud to celebrate Jaxen Peterson as the Tiger PRIDE Champion for Team SWAG!



    Central—Troy Beranek

    Nominated by Diana Shirley, Kim Lahrman, Keanna Stamm

    Troy shines brightly as Central's Tiger PRIDE Champion.  He moved here from Perry Worth just three short months ago and hasn’t missed a beat.  With only knowing just a few of the boys from sports, he has been a respectful friend to all and has adjusted so well.  During his Student Lighthouse interview last month, he told his interviewee that the habits were exactly what he had been missing from his life.  Troy has been introduced to each of the 7 habits and has already started living them in his daily life.  Troy displays great sportsmanship and thinks Win-Win in and out of the classroom.  He is both proactive and dependable.  Anyone who knows Troy, knows they can count on him.  He is very responsible and extremely efficient.  In fact, he always turns in all of his work on time.  Troy has the initiative and drive to do anything he sets his mind to do.  So we all know one day, we will all see him on the news as the next Todd Klaassen, your future meteorologist.  Congratulations Troy!       


    Harney—Makinley Williams

    Nominated by Carol Parker

    Makinley Williams is a perfect example of what it means to have PRIDE at Harney Elementary.  Kinley has had a rough start to the school year because of medical issues that forced her to miss some days.  But because of her determination and perseverance to succeed, she earned all As and one B for first quarter. She worked hard to complete her work!  Kinley still continues to struggle with her health, but you would never know it since she always has a smile on her face and kindness in her heart. Kinley continues to lead her class and other fifth graders as a Harney Impact Ambassador and Student Council Representative, both for a second year in a row.    This year Kinley has also taken on the additional role of morning announcer.  She is a role model for others and has a positive outlook. She shows integrity in her decision-making, often encouraging others to do the right thing. I’m proud to have Kinley Williams not only represent our class, but all of Harney as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!


    Hattie B. Stokes—Kylie Coffman

    Nominated by Mike Allen

    Kylie is a bright spot daily in the classroom, coming in every morning with a good attitude and readiness to learn and help others grow. Not only good grades and academic strength qualify Ms. Coffman to be a Tiger PRIDE Champion and a leader in the classroom. It’s her perseverance, her ability to push through difficult tasks, her ability to think through tricky situations and come out of struggles with success and new knowledge. Every day she leads by example.  We are proude to recognize Kylie Coffman as our Tiger PRIDE Champion! 


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  • Vicki Miller, Student Database Coordinator

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 6/21/2022 7:30:00 PM

    Vicki Miller, Student Database Coordinator

    Vicki Miller is a positive asset to LCSC and displays PRIDE in all that she does as the district’s Student Database Coordinator.  The work ethic that she brings to the role is unmatched.  Upon transitioning into her role, Vicki also worked relentlessly to tackle the changes from the state and implement them with fidelity.  When met with a challenge or error, she takes initiative to find a solution.  Vicki never hesitates to step up and provide support or a helping hand where it is needed.  LCSC is proud to recognize Vicki Miller as a Tiger PRIDE Champion—thank you for all that you do!   

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  • Carmen Cannon and Megan Lewis

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 6/21/2022 7:30:00 PM

    Megan and Carmen are each a true example of Community Tiger PRIDE Champions.  Starting in January, both individuals dedicated themselves to serving our community as co-chairs of the Yes for LCSC Political Action Committee.  They rallied together numerous volunteers to assist with educating voters on the benefits of both the Capital and Operating referendums.  Through their leadership, volunteers worked to deliver yard signs, knock on doors, call voters, secure donations, attend informational sessions and work the election polls!  Both ladies remained dedicated to the common goal and helped to spread enthusiasm for the future throughout our community.  On behalf of all LCSC students, staff and community, we would like to thank you both for your dedication to making our schools and community a better place!

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  • April Tiger PRIDE Champions

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 4/19/2022 7:30:00 PM



    Lebanon High School—Ella Taylor

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Ella is an exceptional student-athlete and exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE through her academics, athletics, and interactions with her peers and high school staff. Academically, Ella demonstrates PRIDE through her 4.00 GPA and top 5 class ranking while taking a rigorous academic schedule. She consistently demonstrates persistence and initiative in the classroom and through her impressive achievements in DECA. Ella is a valued and positive leader for the Girls Golf Team and the Student Section. Her respectfulness and dependability while representing our school and community is not only recognized but also appreciated. In all that she does, Ella embodies the ideals of PRIDE as a true servant leader in our school and community. Congratulations, Ella for exemplifying what it means to be a Tiger Pride Champion.


    Lebanon High School—Riley Newman

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Riley is an exemplary young man that exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does. He is a very goal-oriented young man who pushes himself to reach his immense potential through an unwavering commitment to the characteristics exhibited in PRIDE. Riley is a standout scholar, as evidenced by his class rank as first in his class, as well as his recognition as an AP Scholar, National Merit Scholar, and Lilly Scholarship recipient. Riley has been successful at soccer, as a diver on the swim team, and as a member of the track team. He is respectful and considerate to all those he encounters, and he has represented our school and the community with great PRIDE. Congratulations to Riley Newman for being recognized as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.


    Lebanon Middle School—Phynix Fowler

    Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team

    Phynix is the epitome of what PRIDE represents.  He is polite and kind-hearted towards all that he comes into contact with, whether it be adults or classmates. Phynix strives for excellence not only in himself, but those that are around him. He sets a great example of respect, patience, and work ethic, not only in his academics but in life in general. Phynix is well-deserving of this honor.


    Lebanon Middle School—Averie Lollar

    Nominated by LMS Swag Team (Mrs. Dunshee, Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Barrell, Miss Herrin)

    Averie exemplifies PRIDE and leadership qualities both in the classroom and on the volleyball court.  She is a thoughtful student who is always prepared for class. She maintains excellent grades while being heavily involved in volleyball as well as showing hogs throughout the Midwest.  Averie is kind to others and can be counted on as a role model.  Oftentimes, when teachers are out of the building, Averie is asked to be a source of information and assistance for substitutes. While Avery is a quiet leader, the students respect her leadership qualities.  


    Central—Kyla Gosewehr

    Nominated by Diana Shirley, Kim Lahrman, Keanna Stamm

    Kyla Gosewehr is a leader who strives to live by the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and all of the characteristics of Tiger PRIDE. She is respectful and a great teammate. Recently, our class gained a new student. Kyla quickly offered a seat next to hers so that she could help the student adjust to our classroom.  Kyla is extremely kind, friendly, and gets along with everyone, so there’s no doubt that any student would feel welcomed with a seat beside her. Kyla is also very dependable. She frequently has her weekly classroom goals and homework completed well before they are due, all while excelling in her extracurricular activities, like softball and volleyball, which she participates in outside of school. Kyla perseveres through challenging tasks and refuses to give up, even when it is difficult. Kyla has the initiative and drive to do anything she sets her mind to do. The team at Central is proud to send her to LMS and watch her continue to shine!


    Harney—Brenlie Pitman

    Nominated by Debbie Boggess

    Brenlie is a kind, honest, respectful, and hardworking young lady.  She continually gives her best and works to complete all of her work while remaining positive and persevering through challenges.  Brenlie is a natural leader and makes a real difference in the classroom. Brenlie's peers say she is funny, energetic, and unique in a good way.  Harney is proud to recognize Brenlie Pitman and we wish her the best as she begins middle school!


    Hattie B. Stokes—Hanitsy Ortega-Olvera

    Nominated by Madison Malec

    Hanitsy is a true example of a Tiger PRIDE Champion!  Each day she goes above and beyond what is expected of her both academically and socially. Her schoolwork is always a model example of what is expected and she goes out of her way to help classmates that struggle with concepts she understands. Hanitsy serves as an ambassador in our school and never hesitates to stand up for her friends. She will be missed by many when she continues on to middle school next year, but we know she will continue to do great things!


    Perry-Worth—Audrie Cooper

    Nominated by Kurt Wayood

    Audrie continually sets goals and works diligently to achieve her goals while pushing herself to be a better student.  Audrie seeks initiative in her work, always finishing her morning work on time and taking home classwork that isn't finished.  She is a dependable and trustworthy individual amongst her peer group and her teachers. If something needs to be done, Audrie is a student who can be trusted to do it well and on-time.  She treats other students with respect and even volunteers her time to assist 1st grade students and teachers in an effort to help others better.  As a fifth-grade student, she is efficient in her work and has the ability to balance her school work, extracurricular activities, friendships and family time.  Our classroom and school are both better places because of Audrie Cooper!

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  • Paula Meisberger, Harney Elementary

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 3/15/2022 7:25:00 PM



    Mrs. Meisberger has picked up the pieces of a neglected program and breathed new life into computer applications with our students. Her multi-sensory approach to teaching the digital content required of the course is both refreshing and engaging. She consistently builds relationships with students and works to meet their needs in the classroom. She is a team player and participates fully in staff endeavors, offering both enthusiasm and support to the Harney family. She always has a kind word for whoever she contacts throughout the day and gives 100% to all she does. It is an honor to have her as part of our staff and to recommend her as a Tiger PRIDE Champion.

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  • Rotary Club of Lebanon

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 3/15/2022 7:25:00 PM


    The Rotary Club of Lebanon is a valuable asset to our community.  Their members work diligently to provide service to others while promoting integrity and advancing world understanding, goodwill and peace, as noted in their mission statement.  Over the last few years, the local non-profit organization and their members have expressed their appreciation to LCSC teachers and staff through their “Rotary has a Heart for Teachers” project.  Through the project, they have provided treat bags to all staff in the six school buildings on Valentine’s Day.  On behalf of all LCSC staff members, we would like to thank the members of the Rotary Club for your kind gesture and support of our staff, school and community through your organization’s work. 

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