• LCSC Celebrates Tiger PRIDE Champions

    The Tiger PRIDE Champion award is given to individuals who display persistence, respectfulness, initiative, dependability and efficiency. LCSC recognizes three types of PRIDE Champions:

    • Student PRIDE Champions: One student in grades 5th, 8th, or 12th grade students, selected by their school's teachers and/or administrators.
    • Community PRIDE Champions: Community members, parents, businesses, and/or organizations.
    • Employee PRIDE Champions: Classified staff members selected by their supervisor.
  • October Student Tiger PRIDE Champions

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 10/19/2021 7:25:00 PM



    Lebanon High School—Lilly Mrozinski

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Lilly consistently exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE, and while she has always been an exceptional student, Lilly has blossomed as a senior not just raising her achievement academically from an already impressive level, but more importantly, she has made an impressive commitment to her personal growth. It has been a joy to watch the resilience Lilly has shown through her high school journey, and she has earned the recognition of being a Tiger Pride Champion. Her smile and friendly hello are an endearing quality that bring much joy and appreciation to others. Her commitment to PRIDE will ensure much future success for Lilly. Congratulations Lilly, the LHS Staff is very proud of you.


    Lebanon High School—Gage Miller

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Gage is an actively involved student-athlete who puts forth his best effort as a student and athlete. As a senior, he is doing his best work and his efforts are very evident in the classroom and on the football field. While Gage consistently exhibits all aspects of PRIDE at a very high level, he has excelled in the area of Persistence and Respect. It has been impressive to observe Gage demonstrate his true character and servant leadership. While he is a standout player on the Varsity Football team, he stays after the game to clean up the sideline for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. The staff at LHS is very proud of Gage, and it has been a genuine pleasure observing Gage's success as a student, football player, and most importantly, as a young man of great heart, integrity, and character. Thank you Gage for consistently displaying your commitment to the ideals of PRIDE.


    Lebanon Middle School—Luke Dunshee

    Nominated by LMS SWAG Team

    Luke demonstrates PRIDE is many aspects of his life, both in the classroom and on the football field. Luke is part of our PBIS/Leadership group. He is first to volunteer to help with various tasks assigned such as handing out locker badges or other forms of recognition to the student body. Luke demonstrates initiative by seeking out work when he has completed his class work. Often times he will come down to finish tasks started in during seminar. Luke continually demonstrates persistence and dependability in the classroom by working hard and striving to be the best student he can be. Luke is not only a leader in the classroom but also on the football field.  According to his coach, as the quarterback, Luke is the leader of the team. His confidence in his skills as quarterback as well as a leader on the field have grown immensely since the start of the season.


    Lebanon Middle School—Mei Kurihara

    Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team

    Mei is a conscientious student that has the qualities that all students should strive to embody!  She’s hard working, focused, engaged, polite, and always takes ownership to be the best person she can possibly be.  Additionally, Mei stands out because of the consistent initiative she takes in class.  If there is a task to be done or a question to be asked, Mei won’t hesitate to move forward.  Mei is a quality example of how respectfulness should look with her peers and teachers.  She strives for excellence not only in herself but also those she works with.  Congratulations Mei!


    Central—Kenton Shouse

    Nominated by Kim Lahrman and Diana Shirley

    Kenton is one individual who comes to school prepared for whatever the day may bring. Kenton takes pride in his work and puts his full effort into creating a masterpiece, whether he is writing an essay or playing a song on his ukulele. Kenton listens to his classmates, digests the information and responds reflectively. He considers other people’s wins as well as his own when helping his teams stay focused on their goals. Kenton is a huge help when tracking our school-wide goals. He truly lives by this part of his mission statement: I will be a kind and respectful person.


    Harney—Crysta Summers

    Nominated by Kirklyn Walker

    Crysta brings a quiet light to each situation that she is in. She exudes PRIDE by persisting through life's challenges with a grateful heart and empathetic consideration of where other people are coming from or the internal challenges they may be dealing with. Crysta is recognized by numerous staff members as a student who extends kindness and respect toward her peers and adults. Crysta's initiative and dependability go hand-in-hand, as she can consistently be counted on to step up when she recognizes the need. Above all else, Crysta thinks of others. She is able to consistently show thoughtful consideration to the people around her while at the same time exceeding all expectations for personal, social, and academic growth.


    Hattie B. Stokes—Brea Koerner

    Nominated by Morgan Griggs

    Brea is always trying to be her best self and is always working hard to improve herself in all subjects. When she sees that she needs to improve on something, she will work hard to make sure that she gets better! Her persistence is astounding. Brea is respectful and helpful to all peers and teachers while constantly showing her manners. She shows initiative to get things done and to be prepared for the day. We can depend on her daily for the normal tasks but to also be a role model for the classroom. Brea always goes above and beyond. She is a true friend to many in our classroom and in 5th grade. We are very proud of Brea and who she is today and look forward to hearing all of her many accomplishments in the coming years!


    Perry-Worth—Keagan Plows

    Nominated by Kaley Hendrickson

    Keagan consistently shows all 5 PRIDE characteristics. He shows up every morning ready to work and to do his best on every single assignment. Keagan is respected by his peers and works well with everyone in class. He respects his teachers and shows them that respect every day. He is responsible and makes sure all his work gets done without having to be reminded. Keagan is a pleasure to have in class.





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  • Phyllis Leach, Central Elementary

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 7/20/2021 7:15:00 PM


    Phyllis Leach serves Central Elementary with PRIDE, and no doubt demonstrates all of the characteristics of a Tiger PRIDE Champion. After serving as a professional elementary educator in Indianapolis Public Schools for over 32 years, Ms. Leach brings a wealth of experience to her role as school secretary. Her ability to serve others with natural ease helps the front office daily operations run smoothly and efficiently. The Central staff can always depend on Ms. Leach to be proactive in taking initiative to deal with unexpected issues, and work collaboratively and respectfully with students, parents, teachers and staff. Managing all the little details every day of the week for the Central Team is a true strength.  Congratulations Phyllis, thank you for displaying Tiger PRIDE in all that you do!

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  • May Student Champions

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 5/18/2021 7:15:00 PM



    Lebanon High School—Summer Stogsdill

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Summer is a standout student, athlete, and leader at LHS who always exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE in all that she does. Summer is has earned a 4.0 GPA while taking honors, AP, and dual credit courses. Upon graduation, she will have earned 13 varsity letters while being a three-sport captain. Summer has earned 1st Team All-Conference honors in four sports. In addition, Summer is also a DECA State Qualifier, a 12-year member of Girl Scouts, an assistant teacher at her church, a volunteer at the Humane Society, and the Captain Lifeguard at Seashore Water Park. Summer is highly intelligent, athletically gifted, intrinsically motivated, a servant leader, and a young lady of impeccable character. While Summer is clearly a very accomplished young lady, she is also very committed to being just as good of a person. It has been an honor to have Summer as a student leader at LHS for the past four years.


    Lebanon High School—Matthew Keith

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Matthew exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE in all that he does as a student-athlete and servant leader. Academically, he demonstrates PRIDE through his exemplary grades while challenging himself by taking numerous AP courses such as AP Calculus, AP Language, and AP Government. Matthew also exemplifies PRIDE outside the classroom as an athlete, role model, and dedicated leader of our FCA club. Matthew truly stands for all that is right and good through his words and more importantly his actions. He inspires others to be the best person they can be, and you can always count on Mathew to step up when there is a need at school or in our community. We are very blessed by having Matthew Keith as a student leader during his time at LHS.


    Lebanon Middle School—Riley Vanaman

    Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team

    Riley Vanaman is always exhibiting PRIDE in and outside the classroom! She frequently extends a warm smile and a hello to students and staff in the building. She steps outside of her comfort zone frequently and is determined to push herself to succeed. Riley sets goals that are obtainable and realistic; both short term and long-term goals. She is a dependable student who performs tasks well and without hesitation. Riley takes initiative in offering to assist her peers and teachers whenever they need a hand. Riley is very personable and truly cares for her education and her future.


    Lebanon Middle School—Marina Barr

    Nominated by LMS SWAG Team

    Marina is an amazing young lady. As an 8th grader she is a multi-sport athlete as well as an academic scholar.  Marina maintains high grades even while being busy with practices and sporting events. Marina is the first to offer to help however she can while going above and beyond. She helps students in the classroom as well as assists teachers when needed. Marina is kind and helpful to all around her and has a desire to learn and understand.  We are proud of Marina and wish her the best of luck as she moves on to the high school next year!


    Central—Andrew Kaylor

    Nominated by Diana Shirley

    Andrew is a leader who constantly displays all of the characteristics of Tiger PRIDE, as well as the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Mrs. Shirley has had the pleasure of not only being Andrew’s teacher this year, but also watching him lead his baseball team through a challenging season. Andrew truly has a heart for others. It doesn’t matter whether he is in class or on the field, he does his best, and encourages everyone around him to do the same. Both his classmates and his teammates know they can count on him. Andrew works very hard in school and strives to earn good grades. He perseveres through challenging tasks and refuses to give up. He is both proactive and dependable. Andrew has the initiative and drive to do anything he sets his mind to do. Everyone at Central is proud to send Andrew to LMS!


    Harney—Aveline Orr

    Nominated by Brianna Storms

    Aveline’s classroom teacher shared that she has nominated Aveline as the LCSC Tiger PRIDE Champion because she has shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication in 5th Grade at Harney Elementary. As a young student, she encourages and helps her peers each day and is always challenging herself during class time.  She is a perfect example of a PRIDE Champion. Ms. Storms shared, “I have had the honor of teaching Aveline in 4th and 5th Grade and I know that she will do amazing things in her future.”


    Hattie B. Stokes—Jackson Brown

    Nominated by Jill Hardee

    Jackson is an exemplary student academically, excelling in both math and reading. He is an efficient learner constantly gathering new intel from another book, article, or text. Jackson thinks carefully and critically about what he reads, understanding the struggles of people around the world and realizing the limitations of any text to the perspective of its author. His breadth of knowledge gives him the ability to relate to anyone and start a conversation about nearly anything. As a classmate, Jackson shows empathy and care for others at every opportunity. He's quick to help a student with an assignment, scattered papers, or trouble with a friend. We are proud to recognize Jackson as our Tiger PRIDE Champion at Hattie B. Stokes.


    Perry-Worth—Harleigh Shidler

    Nominated by Kurt Waywood

    Harleigh is the type of individual who challenges herself on a daily basis. She involves herself in so many enriching activities and is able to balance that with her family life and school work. She is hardworking and tenacious. When you talk to Harleigh, it is clear that she respects herself, her teachers, and her fellow students.  She is consistently kind and patient. Harleigh is a member of SpellBowl, MathBowl, Running Club, and participates in basketball programs at the middle school. She prides herself in her math abilities and is an exceptional problem solver, sharing her knowledge with those around her. Harleigh is a leader in the classroom as she is able to be given minimal instruction in order to produce high-quality products. She is able to reteach important concepts to students in group work and is always ready to jump into any situation when called upon.  Perry-Worth is excited to recognize Harleigh Shidler as our Tiger PRIDE Champion.

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  • John Messenger

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 5/12/2021 7:15:00 PM

    John Messenger

    Nominated by Lebanon High School

    Lebanon High School is very proud to recognize John Messenger and the Lebanon Parks Department as an LCSC Community Tiger Pride Champion. John and the Parks Department are always incredibly accommodating whenever a partnership is requested. John truly loves our community, and he is always willing to support our schools when we need his and the parks support. He works closely with our athletics department as we use the parks baseball field for our baseball team, he allows our teams access to the park pool, the track and cross-country teams often use the parks facilities, and many of our teams meet at the park for family events. We have also partnered with the park for 5k runs, Senior Last Walks, and recently to borrow picnic tables for our teachers to be able to eat outside for some COVID relief. No matter the need, John always finds a way to be a great partner for the benefit of our students and staff. We value and greatly appreciate the amazing relationship that we have with John Messenger and the Lebanon Parks Department as a whole. Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger!

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  • April Student Champions

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 4/20/2021 7:15:00 PM












    Lebanon High School—Natalie Dafoe

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    The staff as Lebanon High School is very proud to recognize Natalie Dafoe as an LCSC Tiger PRIDE Champion. Natalie exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE in all that she does as a student and servant leader at LHS. She is kind, considerate, compassionate, respectful, and encouraging to everyone. Natalie has an incredible emotional quotient for a person her age, and her impressive maturity allows her to be an outstanding ambassador for our school and community. Natalie has an intrinsic desire to serve others while helping those she serves become the best version of themselves as possible. Natalie's commitment to Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency have been a model of our PRIDE program. LHS is very blessed for having Natalie as a student leader for the past four years.


    Lebanon High School— Garrett Harker

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Lebanon High School is very proud to recognize Garrett Harker as a Tiger Pride Champion. Garrett is an outstanding young man who consistently embodies all aspects of PRIDE - Persistance, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency. While being a highly visible and successful student-athlete at LHS, Garrett has found an endearing way to be humble and extremely considerate. He keenly recognizes that he becomes a better person when he finds value in others. He is polite, patient, and intrinsically kind. He understands the value of being a servant leader, and through serving others he models PRIDE. Congratulations Garrett, and thank you for being such a great representative of our school and community.


    Lebanon Middle School—Krryn Miller

    Nominated by LMS SWAG Team

    Krryn is an exceptional student and person. She cares about her academics, does all her work and asks many questions to be sure she is doing her work correctly. Krryn is kind, helpful, and is everything you want your own child to be. Krryn cares about excellency and does not settle for mediocrity.  Lebanon Middle School is proud to recognize Krryn Miller as our Tiger PRIDE Champion!


    Central—Luke Shirley

    Nominated by Kim Lahrman

    It is with great pleasure that we are able to honor Luke Shirley as the Tiger PRIDE Champion at Central Elementary. He shows great leadership inside and outside of the building. Luke is focused when at school. You can often find him prioritizing his tasks, finding happiness for others' success, and ensuring that everyone gets a chance to participate. Luke also finds ways to help others when he isn't at school. Whether he is picking up trash around the block, helping his dad work on cars, or playing with his team on the court, he leads with excellence. Luke radiates Tiger PRIDE.


    Harney—Chase Davis

    Nominated by Matthew Farrell

    Chase is an outstanding leader in the classroom, outside the classroom, and in his academics. He always strives for the best in everything he does. Chase comes to school with his dream of being a computer graphic designer and tries to live that dream every day. He uses PRIDE to help him achieve his lofty goals that he sets for himself.  Congratulations Chase, Harney is proud to recognize you as our April Tiger PRIDE Champion!


    Hattie B. Stokes—Aleah Moore

    Nominated by Mike Allen

    Aleah is an excellent candidate for the PRIDE Champion of Hattie B. Stokes Elementary. She does her very best on every single assignment. She works hard to go above and beyond and pushes herself to be better student and person, today than she was yesterday. She preserves through difficult situations, and thinks carefully about her decisions. Aleah is a person whom can be trusted to make the right choices even when no one is looking. She treats every person with courtesy, honesty, and respect, and has empathy for others in less fortunate situations. We are proud to celebrate Aleah Moore as the Hattie B. Stokes’ PRIDE Champion.


    Perry-Worth—Oscar Frazee

    Nominated by Jason Lorch

    When considering who regularly exhibits the PRIDE behavior, Oscar is an easy choice. Oscar always turns his work in on time. He is a role model for other students and also displays a positive attitude and a willingness to help those around him.  Way to go Oscar! 

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  • Mindy Hedge, Developmental Preschool Paraprofessional

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 3/16/2021 7:20:00 PM


    Mindy Hedge

    Nominated by Dr. Janet Dye, Principal

    Mrs. Hedge exemplifies the love and compassion for our smallest and most challenged students.  Every day she appears with a smile on her face and an energy that exudes positivity.  Mrs. Hedge is willing to do whatever it takes to hep the program and school at large.  Mrs. Hedge takes initiative and has helped the Developmental Pre-K team and students grow in an environment that is nurturing, happy and child-centered.

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  • Kent Frandsen

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 2/16/2021 7:15:00 PM

    Kent Frandsen

    Nominated by LCSC

    Dr. Milleman offered the following regarding Mr. Frandsen’s recognition: You know a person has been serving LCSC for a while when you ask people “how long has Kent been the attorney representing our district and the Board” and no one can remember when he hasn’t.  Suffice to say – it has been a while. Since 2012, our state legislature has passed over 2000 rule changes and laws affecting public education. If providing legal counsel to schools was not hard enough prior to these new law changes, Kent has helped LCSC navigate all of them.  Kent is part of our community, and provides support to our school community in more ways than being our attorney. He supports our programs through our Lebanon Educational Foundation, through sponsorships, and through advocacy. He communicates with legislators, not just as our school attorney, but as a taxpayer in our community. Yes, Kent provides legal services for LCSC - and as a practicing attorney, that is through a contractual arrangement---but Kent goes above and beyond that role and is an advocate not only for Lebanon Community Schools but for all Indiana public schools.

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  • Margaret Walters

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 2/16/2021 7:15:00 PM

    Margaret Walters

    Nominated by LCSC

    As a school district, we are excited to recognize Margaret Walters, or Margi, as a Tiger PRIDE Community Champion. Ms. Walters is a Lebanon native and resident that has served the community with pride and dignity. For years, Margi has been a trustworthy contact for the school district and our banking services.  She has worked in the banking sector as the Vice President Treasury Management of State Bank (formerly known as State Bank of Lizton), along with having worked in roles for Huntington National Bank and KeyBank. Her community involvement with the Boone County Chamber of Commerce and Lebanon Educational Foundation have been instrumental with her serving as treasurer for LEF for six years and as a past President for the Chamber of Commerce. Margi is a devoted community member who has been a valuable asset to the success of our school district.


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  • February Student Champions

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 2/16/2021 7:15:00 PM


    Lebanon High School—Sarah Huse

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Sarah fully exceeds every aspect of PRIDE in all that she does as a scholar, athlete, servant leader, and through

    every interaction she has with others. Her list of accolades is many, such as her exemplary academic

    achievement, being a two-time state wrestling champion, Indiana’s Katie Downing Mental Attitude Award

    recipient, and the IndianaMat Miss Gorilla award winner recognizing the best female wrestler in the state. Through

    all her amazing accomplishments, Sarah has remained true to the humble and compassionate person that she

    demonstrates all day, every day. Her incredible work ethic, commitment to doing her personal best, impeccable

    character, and unwavering ability to lead by example exemplify her representation of PRIDE at the highest level.

    LHS is very blessed for having Sarah as a student leader for the past four years.


    Lebanon High School—Ananda Wallace

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Ananda is an exceptional person who represents herself, as well as our school, in the most exceptional manner.

    Not only does she consistently represent all aspects of PRIDE, she excels academically, through her character,

    and as a genuine servant leader. Earlier this year, she served on a student panel providing feedback to our entire

    faculty during a staff professional development day. Ananda and six other classmates provided meaningful input

    for our teachers as we worked collectively on our goals for cultural competence and appreciation. Ananda has a

    special way of standing up for what is right while doing so in a way that allows others to embrace what is right

    along with her. Ananda is also very involved at our school through her contribution to yearbook and show choir

    along with her involvement as a performing artist through our highest performing choirs, musicals, plays, and

    ComedySportz. Ananda fully exemplifies all aspects of PRIDE, and we are very thankful and appreciative that she

    is a Lebanon Tiger.


    Lebanon Middle School—Abbie Guilliams

    Nominated by LMS SWAG Team

    Abbie is an amazing young lady who strives to do her best in class. Abbie actively participates in class by

    answering and asking questions. Even when she was unable to attend school in person, she kept up with all work

    and as soon as she returned, she seamlessly jumped right into content as if she never missed a day of class.


    Lebanon Middle School—Breanna Stratton

    Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team

    Breanna is a very conscientious person that is hard working to achieve any goal set before her. She strives for

    excellence not only in herself but those she works with. Breanna is very motivated to excel and achieve success

    in any endeavor she sets to accomplish. She is the perfect embodiment of what it means to have Tiger PRIDE.


    Central—Allie Robison

    Nominated by Kimberly Lahrman, Diana Shirley, Keanna Stamm

     Allie is an effortless leader who shows all of the qualities and characteristics of Tiger PRIDE. She was nominated

    by her classmates in October for "Beginning with the End in Mind." One of her classmates said she always has a

    plan of action to get the important things done first (big rocks) before she starts working on the little rocks. She

    always brings in positive energy and does whatever she needs to do make everyone around her feel happier and,

    overall, supported. Allie strives to meet her goals every day and helps to keep others accountable for their

    actions. She is always willing to help and takes pride in her leadership roles.


    Harney—Gabriel Thieke

    Nominated by Brianna Storms

    Gabriel Thieke has been nominated to represent Harney as the LCSC Tiger PRIDE Champion because he has

    shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication in 5th. Gabriel encourages and helps his peers each day and

    is always challenging himself during class time. He is a perfect example of a PRIDE Champion. As a teacher, Ms.

    Storms has had the honor of teaching Gabriel in 4th and 5th Grade and she knows that he will do amazing things

    in his future.


    Hattie B. Stokes—Jayden Paddack

    Nominated by Heather Burress

    Teacher, Heather Burress shared, “I have had the pleasure of teaching Jayden for both 4th and 5th grade. The

    thing I enjoy most about Jayden is that he loves to learn. He comes to school every day ready to persevere

    through challenges.” She also shared, “when students need help, I can count on Jayden to help them problem

    solve. He is respectful to not only adults, but also his peers. Jayden shows patience with others and uses his

    intelligence to help others learn tough concepts. He takes initiative in his work and often is the first to answer our

    Thinking Thursday questions.” As a teacher, she can depend on Jayden to complete his work, help others, and

    go above and beyond to further his learning. He is organized, on time, and takes ownership of his education.


    Perry-Worth—Emma Hoover

    Nominated by Kurt Waywood

    Emma has met the challenges of Mr. Waywood’s classroom by being one of only two students to make A honor

    roll both grading periods. She is a model student and someone that can be looked to as a leader. She sets the

    examples and others follow her. Emma has 100% completion of all in-class and out of class assignments and

    finishes her work early then helps others during her free time. Emma is very fluid when it comes to working in a

    group as she is just as comfortable being the leader as a recorder or a presenter. She is an active listener and

    integrates others' ideas into her own without confrontation. Mr. Waywood shared that, “she is one of the only

    students in my class where I do not have to remind her of her responsibilities in class. She is able to take complex

    instructions, interpret them, and execute them on her own with little to no additional assistance.”



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  • Jackie McNutt, Lebanon High School Clinic

    Posted by Kristen Scott on 1/19/2021 7:15:00 PM

    January Classified

    Jackie is a tremendous asset to Lebanon High School and our school corporation as a whole.  She exemplifies what it means to be a dedicated and high performing classified employee. Jackie has a long history in our corporation as a highly respected school nurse. She does an amazing job of providing medical and emotional support for our students and staff. Jackie handles every situation flawlessly due to her medical knowledge and experience. As an example, LHS Principal, Kevin O'Rourke recalls Jackie saving the life of an elderly visitor (student's grandparent) who collapsed in the community room hallway and required CPR and the use of the AED by Jackie while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Her medical expertise and quick yet calm action truly saved this man’s life. Jackie has consistently proven to be an invaluable asset to LHS and our district. She is always looking for new and improved ways to meet the needs of our students and staff.

    This year, Jackie has taken on the added challenge of COVID and has performed her duties in an exemplary manner. She goes above and beyond to make sure the tracking, communication, and documentation for over 1000 students and 100 staff members are completed in an exemplary manner. Jackie has been instrumental in our work with our local counseling agencies to create an effective school-based therapy program. She coordinated a very successful suicide prevention training that was attended by LHS staff, members of the staff from not only LCSC but also Zionsville and Western Boone. Jackie works tirelessly to help monitor and support our at-risk students. She does all this and more while still being the best building nurse that we could ask to have. She cares for every student and staff member like they are her own. It is our pleasure to recognize Jackie McNutt as this month's LCSC Classified Employee of the Month.

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