• LCSC Celebrates Tiger PRIDE Champions

    The Tiger PRIDE Champion award is given to individuals who display persistence, respectfulness, initiative, dependability and efficiency. LCSC recognizes three types of PRIDE Champions:

    • Student PRIDE Champions: One student in grades 5th, 8th, or 12th grade students, selected by their school's teachers and/or administrators.
    • Community PRIDE Champions: Community members, parents, businesses, and/or organizations.
    • Employee PRIDE Champions: Classified staff members selected by their supervisor.
  • Patricia "Darlene" Michaels, Buildings + Grounds

    Posted by Jennifer Todderud on 2/18/2020


    Darlene does a great job of making sure all athletic uniforms get processed in time for the team's next game. She voluntarily works evenings and weekends to turn over the uniforms in a short time frame. Darlene also pitches in and helps the day custodians at the high school and middle school for whatever is needed. Darlene works hard to maintain her dependability at work. It is nice to have someone that can manage their responsibilities and work well with others to achieve the goals of the team and meet the needs of our customers.

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  • Shannon Moyer, Central Elementary School

    Posted by Jennifer Todderud on 2/18/2020


    Always positive, willing and ready to help students and staff members, consistently flexible and adaptable to change, a team player who provides leadership and support to her colleagues...that's Shannon Moyer, our Central Elementary Instructional Assistant! Shannon brings a depth of educational experience to her role as Instructional Assistant. An Ohio native and great fan of The Ohio State University, Shannon served as a 5th grade teacher at schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania before she and her husband moved to Zionsville. Mrs. Moyer joined our staff as our Instructional Assistant in the Media Center and Technology Lab in 2016.

    Mrs. Moyer's fun-loving nature and great sense of humor provides a warm nurturing learning environment that supports student learning and allows her to create positive relationships with students. Media Center and Computer Technology Lab are among the favorite Specials classes mentioned by her students. Mrs. Moyer never hesitates to step up and provide support where needed and has the LEADER IN ME mission of Central Elementary in her heart as she makes a positive contribution to our school culture every day.

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  • January Student Champions

    Posted by Jennifer Todderud on 1/21/2020

    January Students


    Lebanon High School—Jacob Winger

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Jacob is an outstanding young man that comprehensively represents all characteristics of PRIDE. Jacob has blossomed into a tremendous young man as a student leader in the LHS FFA. He is actively involved as the vice president and he takes great initiative to support all aspects of the chapter. Through his dedication, hard work and involvement in FFA, Jacob has developed a passion for Turf Management. You might even spot Jacob at an Indianapolis Indians game where he works as part of the field crew. Recently Jacob’s passion and hard work earned him an Indiana FFA state proficiency title in Turf Grass Management. Jacob truly models the values of hard work, high character, integrity, and initiative. His top 20 class ranking reflects that he always gives his best in all that he does. Jacob's future plans are to attend Purdue University to major in Turf management and minor in Ag Business. Following college, he plans to work for a professional sports team.

    Lebanon High School— Courtney Welborn

    Nominated by LHS Staff

    Courtney is a tremendous young lady who makes it a point to always treat others with great care, compassion, and respect. She is widely known for her ability to make others feel welcome, recognized, and appreciated. She takes immense PRIDE in raising the value of others which is greatly appreciated by her classmates, teammates, teachers, and all those she encounters. At her recent college athletic scholarship signing, a community room was completely filled with students, staff, family, and community members who ALL spoke about how Courtney has made them a better person by how she has treated them. It is a very important quality that will ensure a great future for Courtney. Courtney is a high achieving student and athlete, yet she is an even better person. She is an ideal representative of our school at all times. Next fall Courtney is planning to attend IU-South Bend where she will continue her softball career as a college student and athlete.

    Lebanon Middle School—Bri Mauger

    Nominated by LMS SWAG Team

    Bri is an outstanding student in all her classes. She participates in several extra and co-curricular activities, all while maintaining high grades. Bri is a student who even demonstrates PRIDE even when she is absent from school as she communicates with her teachers right away to ask what is missing. Bri plans ahead and always is aware of what her responsibilities are as a student and works hard to complete them. She is an amazing young lady with a bright future ahead.

    Lebanon Middle School—Anna Hale

    Nominated by LMS Bulldog Team

    Anna has been an exceptional student and ambassador for LMS this year. She is an excellent student who takes PRIDE in her academic success and is a great role model not only for the 8th grade but 6th and 7th grades as well. Anna cares about her fellow classmates and is always willing to assist them in any way she can. Anna shows great leadership skills in and out of class yet remains open to the views and opinions of her fellow classmates.


    Central—Sophia Metheny

    Nominated by Diana Shirley

    Sophia is a leader who constantly displays all of the characteristics of Tiger PRIDE, as well as the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. She performs well academically and works hard to improve her weaknesses. She is great at prioritizing her work by always planning ahead and completing her big rocks first. She takes initiative in the classroom and will always step up and help out when anyone needs anything. Sophia is dependable and the staff at Central knows she will do BIG THINGS!

    Harney—Madaline Luchetta

    Nominated by Debbie Boggess

    Madaline comes to school every day with a smile on her face. She is happy to help others in the classroom and serves as a role model for the younger students in the building. Madaline sees the "good" in all people and finds the positive light in every situation. She works hard, even when the work load is tough. She never gives up, but rather finds a way to think outside the box and be successful. Her respectful attitude, as well as, the initiative, dependability, and efficiency she demonstrates on a daily basis are evidence that she is a true Tiger PRIDE Champion!

    Hattie B. Stokes—Kaedon Bailey

    Nominated by Madison Wenzler

    Kaedon is the type of student who always goes above and beyond what is asked or expected of him. He continuously demonstrates the use of our school lifelines and serves as a leader in and out of the classroom. He has two adopted classrooms in which he serves as an Ambassador, one of which is for other 5th graders, which can be challenging at times. Ms. Wenzler knows that she can always count on Kaedon to complete any task with integrity and efficiency. He is constantly checking on the well-being of his friends and ensuring that everyone feels included during the day.

    Perry-Worth—Katie Fuydal

    Nominated by Kaley Hendrickson

    Katie is consistently respectful to all around her. She shows perseverance in her schoolwork, and always does her best on assignments. She is always ready for class and shows up every day with a positive attitude. Katie shows kindness to others daily and finds ways to help in the classroom without being asked. We are very lucky to have Katie in our class.


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  • Cindy Murphy, Boone County Health Department

    Posted by Jennifer Todderud on 1/21/2020


    Lebanon High School is very proud to recognize Cindy Murphy as an LCSC Community PRIDE Champion. As the Director of the Boone County Health Department, Cindy has been a very valuable and involved member of the Lebanon community. LHS has been very fortunate to be a frequent recipient of her and her departments services. For example, she works very closely with all our schools to ensure our students have their required immunizations. Cindy created a monthly county wide school nurses meeting that has been a very important resource for our school nurses. Cindy also supports several important trainings for our schools such as Narcan, Stop the Bleed, and other essential trainings. She has hosted several LHS student interns through our Health Careers Program and Work-Based Learning. Cindy and her Department have proven to be an invaluable resource to LHS and LCSC. Lebanon High School is extremely thankful for all the support Cindy has provided us, and we wish her the very best in her upcoming retirement.

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  • Lebanon Fire Department

    Posted by Jennifer Todderud on 1/21/2020


    The men and women of Lebanon Fire Department are true public servants. As an organization they display PRIDE in all that they do. When called upon, they are always there to lend a helping hand or serve our community in a positive manner. On a given day, you may find them serving breakfast at one of our elementary buildings, assisting with emergency drills throughout the district, or mentoring LHS student interns while providing them a real-world experience. They have even been known to convince several of our staff members to accompany them into a burning building... for training purposes. Lebanon Fire Department, thank you for your unwavering dedication and service to our school and our community.

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