• Emergency School Delays + Closures

    Nothing says winter like a warm fire and light snowfall. Unfortunately, winter weather also brings travel concerns. How does LCSC make the decision to close or delay school?

    Student safety is our first priority. When weather conditions may jeopardize that, you may be asking:

    Why delay or close?

    If conditions are likely to improve, a two-hour delay is often called. However, if conditions don’t improve, or worsen, we may make the call to close school instead. 

    • Delayed: School will begin two hours later than usual and end on time. School buses will pick up students approximately two hours later. Afternoon transportation will be unaffected.
    • Closed: All schools are closed. After-school activities are usually canceled; please communicate with coaches and program directors for specific information.
    • Early release: In rare cases, students may be released up to two hours early. Notification will be provided as soon as possible in the event of an early release.

    What is the deciding factor?

    The most important priority is student safety. To make the best decision possible, we consider weather forecasts, temperature and wind chills, and safety of county roads.

    Who decides?

    Ultimately, the superintendent makes the call. However, the transportation department and other school officials are consulted, as well as officials from nearby districts and local law enforcement.

    When do school officials decide?

    If a forecast calls for a significant amount of snow or other unsafe conditions, the decision may come the night before. However, we try to wait until the morning to assess conditions. School officials are on the roads at 4 a.m. in order to inform families as soon as possible. 

    How are days made up?

    Instructional days must be made up. Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, LCSC will utilize eLearning for emergency closures. In the event school closures extend beyond five days, snow make-up days may be used. This information will be shared as soon as possible.

    How can families prepare for emergency closings?

    Parents should discuss weather closings and delays with their students. Make sure students know what to do in the event of an early closing.

    In the event that we close school, or change the schedule to begin or release early, LCSC will notify families using our mass notification system. Click here for more information. We will also notify local media stations and post on our district Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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