• The Lebanon Middle School newspaper exsists to showcase students passion for writing news articles including current events, local news, school news, and feature stories to celebrate students accomplishments as well as interest.  It also provides a means for students with artistic talents to showcase their work.  The Eye of the Tiger is published a minimum of one issue per grading period.  It is an extracurricular activity that can be done during before or after school meetings approximately two times per month.  Students are encouraged to attend the meetings in order to receive guidance on their articles.  However, if they are unable to attend a meeting, it is possible to submit articles electronically.  Each year at the LMS Awards ceremony, one student receives a trophy for their outstanding journalism and their name will be engraved on a plaque that remains on the "Wall of Honor" in the cafeteria.

    The newspaper staff consists of any student wishing to join the staff that remains in good academic standing in their core classes.