• Future Use of District-Owned Land


    Lebanon Community School Corporation owns multiple pieces of land throughout our attendance boundaries. The property in question is approximately 70 acres of land, located at the northwest intersection of John Bart and Fordice Roads. The district desires to sell this land, a decision made as part of long-range planning and only after assessing current ownership and potential needs. 


    Following the approval of contract, the purchaser is responsible for replatting the property. This includes preparation of subdivision plans, as well as application to governmental authorities for appropriate zoning. The completion of the property sale is contingent upon approval of these plans by the City of Lebanon.

    The Lebanon City Council is the legislative branch of the city government. Individuals interested in future updates and opportunities to provide comment are encouraged to follow the City Council and City Planning Departments for more information.


    • December 17, 2019: Board votes to approve real estate contract, received by Gradison Land Development on 11/14/19, and authorizes Dr. Milleman execute the contract on behalf of LCSC.
    • November 19, 2019: Discussion of Proposed Terms of Agreement between LCSC and Gradison Design-Build during regular meeting (documents provided)
    • October 15, 2019: General discussion of next steps in process of sale of land during regular meeting
    • October 9, 2019: Special Session to hear proposal (documents provided)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the future of the land in question. This page will be updated regularly.

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  • How is the land currently being used?

  • Does the district have additional land for future use?

  • Does the district have a plan for revenue from the sale?

  • What about using the land for an alternate facility (e.g. recreational facility)?

  • Why can't the land be used for a new building to ease crowding at Central Elementary?

  • What is the district doing to monitor student enrollment?

  • How does the district make long-term planning decisions?

  • How can I share my support, questions, or concerns?