• eLearning Days

    LCSC is initiating eLearning days for unplanned school closures during the 2019-20 school year. Throughout the implementation year, adjustments may be required. In order to gather feedback for improvement, LCSC will survey staff, students, and families periodically after eLearning days have been utilized.

  • eLearning Assurances

    LCSC eLearning days will meet the following assurances, set forth by the Indiana Department of Education, in order for the day to be considered an instructional day.

  • Internet Access

  • Instructor Access

  • Platform Experience

  • Learning Targets

  • Work Continuity

  • Accommodation Support

  • Offline Support

  • Individual Needs

  • Work Measurement

  • eLearning Help Desk

    Call or Text: 765-335-2120

    Email: elearning@leb.k12.in.us

    The LCSC eLearning Help Desk provides technology support on eLearning days. Questions about lesson content or resources should be directed to the classroom teacher.