• eLearning Days

    LCSC is initiating eLearning days for both planned and emergency school closures during the 2020-21 school year. 

    Planned eLearning Days: October 26-28

  • eLearning Assurances

    LCSC eLearning days will meet the following assurances, set forth by the Indiana Department of Education, in order for the day to be considered an instructional day.

  • Internet Access

  • Instructor Access

  • Platform Experience

  • Learning Targets

  • Work Continuity

  • Accommodation Support

  • Offline Support

  • Individual Needs

  • Work Measurement

  • eLearning Help Desk

    Call or Text: 765-335-2120

    Email: elearning@leb.k12.in.us

    The LCSC eLearning Help Desk provides technology support on eLearning days. Questions about lesson content or resources should be directed to the classroom teacher.